UK Sex contacts: A Way of Life

It’s not all about meeting new people when you begin sex contacts.  When I joined up and started looking for sex contacts I slept with a lot of people, but now I only meet up with two.  This is enough for me and I don’t need any more than that.  Many people want to have as many as possible, but to me this defies the objective of the website.  You can be on there all the time if you like, seeing as many people as you can, but if you do this you might end up with a lot of first night unrewarding experiences.

I find that once I’ve found someone, I try to hang onto him as long as possible simply because I know that once he gets to know my body and what I like, the sex will be fantastic; I’ve never been wrong yet.  Those first time nervous sessions are rarely revelatory to me these days so I’d much rather just do them and get them out of the way.  This is why I often go for a nice person who I can get to know as well as screw.

Now, this does tend to freak out a few men I’ve met in the past and that’s why it’s taken me so long to find these two dependable guys I have.  I have them pretty much on tap when I want them and I love this feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, I know they came from a sex contacts website and you simply have to accept the fact that these guys will never be faithful to you or anyone else; but then that’s not what you want is it?  Otherwise you’d be on a regular dating site wouldn’t you?

The important part for me is getting the sex right.  I’ve had other lovers through the sex contacts that just haven’t been able to do it how I like it, and to be honest, I’ve been brutally honest with them.  I don’t believe in just not calling someone again and not telling them why; and in one particular case I had a guy come back to me for a one off to prove to me that he’d improved his technique.  He certainly had, let me tell you.  Sadly there wasn’t a space for him in my life at the time.

I like to keep them fresh however, so I do change them around a little now and again; but I will never be having sex with more than two guys at the same time, it’s just too much trouble trying to keep up.  They get dumped for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s because they become a little demanding and want to see me more often than I do them.  This is irritating and not what sex contacts should be like.  It’s a way of life for me and a big part of my social activity.

Shy Andrew on his experience with a sexy casual fling in a hotel

It’s not easy being a man!  All the women I’ve ever met think that it’s not easy being a woman and that men have it perfectly easy all the time, but they’re so wrong.  I don’t know if I have a confidence issue or what, but it just seems to me that all the other guys out there are better at relationships than me.  I’ve never been able to hold one down for long, and it’s not because I’m unloveable or anything like that, it’s just that I like my own space a little too much.

I also lack a lot of charm when it comes to chatting up women; I’ve never been any good at it to be perfectly honest with you.  Ever since I was in school I could never just walk up to a member of the opposite sex and begin talking like you see guys doing all the time these days in the pubs and clubs.  I just didn’t have it in me, and still don’t.  However, I do have needs and I need to get them seen to.  This is why I’ve recently joined a UK sex dating website.  Sex is an important part of my life that has suffered immensely due to my terrible trouble talking to women, but I’ve decided that I’m still going to get what I want, and what every man deserves to have.

So the other day I had my first sex contact and that’s what’s inspired me to write this down.  She was amazing.  I didn’t think that I could do it to be perfectly honest, but once I’d registered I found that the process was so easy I just did it.  The girls on the site were all pretty good (there were a few rough ones yes).  I met Francesca last Friday night at the pub and we hit it off straight away.  The beauty of this meeting was that it wasn’t her first sex contact meeting and she was very relaxed.  She asked me if I had a problem with the fact that she’d seen other men through this and I said no as long as she’d practiced safe sex.  When she said that she never did anything unprotected I was put at ease immediately and excused myself to go to the toilet to get some condoms.  It was liberating to say the least going to get condoms when I’d only just met a girl and had one drink.  Knowing that you’re going to have sex is one hell of an ice-breaker let me tell you.

We ended up going to a nearby hotel.  We split the bill down the middle which was nice, despite me offering to pay it all.  What was wonderful about all this was that Francesca was probably the type of girl I’d go for anyway, if I ever had the balls to ask her out in the pub; but now I didn’t have to.  We got it on almost immediately and had such a session I could hardly walk the next day.  We’ll be seeing each other again pretty soon (hopefully!) and she said she liked me a lot.

Leeds slut Jessica is now a serial sex dater

My name is Jessica and I’m a serial sex dater.  There, I’ve said it, and it almost feels like I’ve come along to sex daters anonymous to cure myself of an addiction; however, this is certainly not something I would even consider curing because it’s changed my life!  Some people say that women shouldn’t engage in this sort of activity, but the way I see it is that these people are probably those who don’t have the courage to go through with it.  As a single woman of independent means, I am totally confident in my decision to go into UK sex dating, and I do it with my eyes wide open.  I know just what I’m doing and I am not (as some people like to think) being taken advantage of.

You see, this is the problem.  When a man goes sex dating it’s considered either typical or acceptable, but when a woman does it some people think that you’re going to get attacked or something worse.  There is no difference between the male or female when it comes to wanting to have sex with a stranger.  If you want to get laid you go out and you try to chat someone up don’t you?  Well, I’m no good at that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to have fun with guys who feel the same as me!

I must confess that I did feel a little nervous when I registered etc.  I thought I would be bombarded by a load of horny deadbeats, but it simply wasn’t like that at all.  The guys who contacted me seemed just as unsure as I was in the beginning.  They were all perfectly honest, polite and enjoyed chatting with me as much as I them.  Now, we all know why we were chatting, we’re not fools; it’s just a way of breaking ice.  Eventually I got down to the nitty gritty with one guy online and we arranged to meet.  I’d seen his pictures and he was so hot it was unbelievable; probably the hottest guy I’ve ever hooked up with.

We met in a pub near a hotel that we’d both agreed on staying in for the night (or however long we wanted!)  His name was Graham and he was a really nice guy.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that I seriously didn’t want a relationship and neither did he, I might have actually considered dating him on a regular basis.  However, what you need to understand about sex dating is that no-one really wants to do this!

The evening didn’t last long in the pub.  We skipped over to the hotel and did the deed several times and it was amazing.  I won’t go into all the details with you here, I could write an erotic novel about the encounter!  I have since seen Graham on three more occasions and each of them has been as good as the first time; in fact I’d even go so far as to say they have been better because we’re more familiar with each other now and know what the other wants out of sex!