It’s a dogger’s life

I’ve been dogging for years now, and long before it all became hyped up and popularised by the internet.  If you people out there think that this is a scene that’s just started up then you better think again.  People have been meeting up for clandestine sex sessions for centuries; we most certainly are not the first.

When I first started out I had a Ford Capri and it was considered really cool at the time.  I used to take some of my girlfriends dogging with me and most of them were really into it.  It depends on where you go to be perfectly honest.  It’s good to get a good idea of the places around you locally, but you shouldn’t neglect the places a little further afield either; some of the places outside your home town allow you to be a little bit more wild if you know what I mean; simply because you’re not bound to bump into someone you’ve been with the night before in the street the next day!

I’ve taken on the internet generation however, and now I’m also registered with some UK sex contacts sites on there.  I was approached by a woman a while ago who was interested in dogging, and she could see by my profile that I was an expert on the subject.  The short version of the story is that she wanted to experience it, behind her husband’s back, and needed a bloke to take her with him one night, just so she could see what it was all about.  Who was I to refuse such an offer?  This sounded amazing.

She was very trusting, and I only chatted with her briefly online before she agreed to meet me in a car park in the next town to pick her up.  I’d checked out her pictures and she looked pretty hot for an older woman; personally, being quite old myself I usually go for the younger chicks if you know what I mean (see if I’ve still got it!)  She was tall with blonde hair and a fit figure.  She was certainly dressed to impress.  She was standing at the side of the car park in a mini skirt and I could clearly see she was wearing hold up stockings.  What a look she had going.  I’m surprised she didn’t get picked up for being a street walker!

She hopped in the car and I drove a few miles out the town to a local dogging spot where I was quite well known and everyone was very friendly.  I’d tell you where but it’s getting quite crowded there already; only so much to go around, you know what I mean?  When she got out of the car everyone was interested in her straight away.  New faces always did well for the first few weeks dogging.  She was made up with the night she had and she had plenty of action!  I’ve agreed to take her again in a few weeks time when she can get away; I’ve been chatting to her online and she’s really keen.  I hope so because I haven’t even had her myself yet!

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