Jingle bells, jingle bells, dogging all the way!

This is a bit of a seasonal tale.  When I went to a new dogging spot a few months ago I met a group of people who introduced me to something pretty new.  I hadn’t heard of sex contact websites before.  I knew there were dogging sites out there, some better than others, but I’d never met anyone who’d used one.  This group of people had been on this website and all met up because of their interest in dogging.  It was great for them because none of them wanted to go to a dogging spot on their own so they made a little event out of it and went along mob handed.

You’d think that a large group like this (about 8 of them) would put off the doggers in the local spots wouldn’t you?  Well it didn’t, it just got everyone going all the more.  The first night they turned up they got a lot of interest and a hell of a lot of action.  I had a really good time with two of the girls in the group.  I drive a transit van you see, and this makes me very popular when the weather isn’t so great; it’s all good and well doing the business against a tree in the middle of summer but when the weather starts to change you simply can’t drop your trousers out there!

It’s been a blast meeting these newcomers because they have some pretty good ideas.  They’ve been organising a Christmas Eve special event where we all meet up in the regular spot, only they’re bringing some patio heaters with them, and a load of blankets to turn it into a massive all nighter!  It’s going to be a Christmas to remember I’m sure; I can’t wait.  I can imagine it now, all of us huddled under patio heaters with blankets around us doing all manner of filthy and depraved activities!  This is what makes dogging an excellent hobby; the fact that people can improvise and overcome any potential difficulties makes it all the more fun to attend.  It wouldn’t be the same if we went to someone’s house to get it on with each other; you’d lose the anonymity and wouldn’t allow for other new faces to join you.  This particular group of doggers are quite open about new members and we frequently try to recruit new talent as old friends move on to other things.

So if you’re looking for something new to do this Christmas don’t hesitate to get involved in a bit of dogging, it’s wonderful and you get to meet a lot of new people.  Or perhaps you might be interested in joining one of these sex contact sites too, that will be sure to put you onto some great people, and plenty of them will be doggers too!

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