Coffee shop shenanigans

I had the best experience I’ve ever had in a coffee shop the other day and I simply had to share it with the world, or at least everyone into the same kind of things as me.  There was this girl I met on the internet and she agreed to meet me for sex.  It’s a UK sex contacts site, so there’s no weird stuff going on here, we both know what the score is.

Her  name was Isabelle and she was so hot!  I’d been looking at her profile for weeks online, imagining that she had a whole entourage of fuck buddies lining up around the corner to get into her panties, but apparently she didn’t.  She told me that she didn’t get much interest at all.  I was very surprised to hear this and still half believe she may have been lying to put me at ease.  Perhaps it’s one of those situations where you get the really attractive girl who no-one will contact because they think she’s unattainable; who knows?  (If you want my advice, from here on don’t hesitate, just ask them).

She walked into the coffee shop in my hometown and sat down in front of me.  She smiled and I honestly didn’t know what to do back to her.  I’d never used a sex contacts site before and all I could think about was how well I was going to perform later on that day or whenever it was that we were actually going to do it.  She could tell I was nervous and relaxed me a little by making a joke or two and ordering the drinks.  “We are going to have a drink first aren’t we?” She joked.  This was kind of nice because it affirmed the fact that we were indeed going to screw later on.  I couldn’t help feeling very aroused.  I looked her up and down and checked out her body.  She looked tremendous.

“Calm yourself,” she laughed, as she caught me looking.

“Erm…, yes, you’re right.  You see it’s…,” I stuttered

“You’re first time with a sex contact?”  She interrupted, “I had guessed as much.”

“I need to go to the toilet, excuse me,” I said as I walked off, very embarrassed indeed.

I entered the tiny little toilet at the back of the shop, around the corner from the main drinking area, and no sooner had I got the old chap in my hand, I heard a knock at the door.

“Open up, it’s me,” came Isabelle’s voice.

I opened the door and she slipped inside very quickly.  She looked into my eyes and smiled, before dropping to her knees and giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had in my life.

“That should relax you a little more,” she said as she stood up, wiped her mouth and opened the door.

When I got back to the table we simply finished our drinks and went around the corner to a local hotel for the afternoon.  What a day that was!