Fancy a bit of roleplay?

I met this guy through the internet called Joe, and to be honest with you I’ve been having the greatest sex of my life with him.  I met him through a UK sex contacts site actually; something I’ve never even contemplated before.  I shocked myself when I joined.  It was really easy, in fact perhaps a little too easy.

My first thoughts about the whole thing were that I might get a real weirdo stalking me or something.  However, the first guy I met was Joe and I haven’t even bothered looking for anyone else.  The way I figure it is that if I kept pushing my luck by getting other guys through the website, eventually I’d hit a weirdo; I’ve been stung this way before you see, although not through a website.  I have a habit of attracting nutters.  I know it’s irrational, and I’ve never heard any horror stories connected with the sex contacts; I suppose I’m just happy with the guy I’ve got.

I’ll tell you a little about him.  You already know his name, but get a load of this.  He is around 6ft 4inches tall, slim and muscular, with slightly greying, short dark hair.  He reminds me of a tall version of George Clooney or something.  In actual fact I was surprised that a guy like Joe was on a website like this in the first place.  Apparently he can’t get enough of sex and he’s tired of going out looking for girls all the time, he’d much rather find a few on a website where he knows he’s getting sex guaranteed!

I don’t mind the fact that he sees other women, and I haven’t told him that I’m satisfied with just him, it might flatter his ego a little too much.  I don’t have a problem with him having sex with others, it’s not like I own him or anything; in fact it makes it much more interesting.

Our favourite thing is roleplay.  When we meet we often pretend we’ve never met, or I sometimes pretend to be a doctor who is going to visit a patient privately.  This is awesome, and because we don’t see each other very regularly it works really well.  I always make sure I’ve got a different outfit on when I meet him, and this way he sometimes struggle to pick me out in a crowded bar when he walks in.  The roleplay extends to the bedroom and the doctor thing works really well here.  I start giving him an examination and insist on examining him you know where.  Well I’m sure you can tell where it goes from there can’t you?  Do I really need to go into graphic detail?  I don’t think so.

There really isn’t anything better for you if you just want casual, no strings sex.  A sex contacts site is a definite winner for everyone involved!  Just practice safe sex all the time.