Why men love to masturbate with a phone sex operator

The Real Lives of Phone Sex Operators

Contrary to what many believe, phone sex operators are still incredibly popular with horny individuals. This might sound odd, considering that there are so many free sex chat sites available today, so why would you want to listen to a person over the phone? Well, there is something a lot more intimate about having a phone call while you enjoy yourself than you get from watching scripted pornographic movies. If you are interested in calling a sex operator to test out the waters, here are some things you should know.

Imagine your perfect woman

Since all the naughty business will be developing through a phone line, you can let your imagination run wild. We all have our own naughty preferences when it comes to physical appearances. But, no matter what kind of woman suits your taste, there is no denying that your sex operator will look just like your dream girl. How? Well, you get to use your imagination while enjoying yourself.

If you do not have preferences when it comes to things like this, you should ask your operator to describe herself. Having her talk about her sexy attributes and other naughty aspects of her beauty can be incredibly alluring. Continue reading Why men love to masturbate with a phone sex operator

What is a Happy Ending Massage?

10 Best Sex Massage in Amsterdam & Happy Endings in 2023Amsterdam Red Light District

Have you ever heard about a “happy ending” in a context you do not understand? Well, this can have many meanings. But when it is used to explain a massage or any physical contact, it often has a sexual meaning. The best kinds of massages are the ones that have a happy ending. Whether you are visiting a certain salon that offers these kinds of services or your partner has just offered you a sexy massage, get ready for a fun ride. Happy ending massages are popular and for a good reason. Here are some things you might want to know!

Definition of “Happy Ending”

A massage that has a happy ending is the type of massage that ends with an orgasm, hence the name. These massages are oriented in Asian countries, such as Japan, but they’ve now become popular in many other places. However, in some countries, having a happy ending massage is illegal, while in others, it is incredibly common but also a bit taboo.

Erotic massages have existed for countries. But the term “happy ending massage” is not that old. Research shows that the first time this term was used was in 1999, in the Australian newspaper when it tried to label Continue reading What is a Happy Ending Massage?