I’m a cheating housewife that needs to be fucked

Birmingham housewife exposed as a slut by her husband and his friends. Her knickers barely covering her hairy pussy.

The above title is exactly what a lot of married housewives that use our site are thinking and posting, it’s the title of most of the adverts posted by married women who use our casual sex site. I understand their frustration, I was married for 15 years and for the last 5 years though I loved my husband and enjoyed sex with him I was never satisfied, I broached the idea of spicing up our sex lives a few times, I offered to let another lady in our bed in return for another men the next time, I mentioned swinging clubs and sex clubs but he was never interested, my ex husband would never even dare to have sex outdoors which is a fantasy I have always had. As time went on the more frustrated I got and the more I needed to be fucked by another man and in the end I felt I had no choice but to seek sex else where and cheat on my husband. Been a rather busty and curvy lady and been almost 40 I did at first find it hard to meet a man for discreet sex, I mean I couldn’t just go up to the nearest bloke and say “please sir will you take me somewhere and fuck me?” he would think I was a total nutter or a filthy whore, he could of been married up like most men doesn’t find a middle aged over weight lady attractive and laugh at me!

That’s why the internet is so perfect for cheating housewives like myself that really are in need of a good fuck. You can join a site anonymously, post a photo of your nude, naked body in all it’s bare, natural beauty for thousands of men to see and those that are attracted to you and have no problems meeting a married woman or sex will send you a message. You can swap ideas and fantasies and when you’re happy arrange your casual encounter. You can meet out of town, I always looked for sex contacts in Birmingham, I actually live in Coventry but I new there was no chance of been caught so I could have my fun with peace of mind.

I’m actually divorced now so I can meet and fuck as many men as I like without the worry of someone catching me cheating but there are loads of cheating housewives right now all over the country who are not getting any sex at home because their husbands are not interested or just cant perform and these desperate housewives are looking for a fuck, I say fuck because that’s all these ladies want, they don’t want love or a night of romantic sex, they want to meet and fuck and go home to their husbands with a feeling of satisfaction, they don’t want to be stuck at home frustrated with sex on the mind 24/7. If you would like to meet a married, cheating housewife for casual sex then I invite you to register for a free account and let our married ladies know that you are up for a meet.

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