Real dogging locations

I tell you what would make my day, that’s finding some real dogging locations. I’ve really been struggling to discover some hot local dogging spots, maybe you could help me with that? I bet you have some totally awesome real dogging locations, why don’t you send me a message here on UK Sex Contacts and share them with me! I guess moving to a new town like this wasn’t the best idea I had, not when I don’t know anyone, let alone real dogging locations. I want to meet new people that have a common passion for dogging, guys like you are encouraged to hit me up for dogging sex. I have the whole weekend free so why can’t we spend it together and mess around? I’m not going to stay home alone, not when guys like you are happy to take a sexy girl like me out for a good time. I’ve noticed some good parks around my area, maybe they would be good for real dogging locations? I’m pretty much open to anything, that’s how desperate I am to go out for public dogging acts. I feel like this is really going to work, it sure beats going to a club and trying to pick up a guy for dogging.

I find the guys at clubs so sleazy, they don’t know how to treat a girl, not a girl that likes to be banged in public! So where do you like to take a girl dogging? Is a car park a good for sex? I’m really desperate to get out dogging again guys, I bet you can tell that! I’m going to make this nice and easy for you, send me a message as soon as you can and I’ll get right back to you and we can go dogging tonight for kinky sex. If that doesn’t motivate you to contact me, I don’t know what will. I could always just walk the streets and beg guys for dogging sex, I could never do anything like that, that just doesn’t sound like it would end well. I’m sure someone reading this will take a chance and ask me for a hook up, Well guys, I guess I just need to be patient and do my best to control my urges for real dogging locations, at least until we can both get together and find new dogging locations together.

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