Sex Positions and Falling in Love

Have you ever given a minutes thought to how sex positions play roles on your intimacy with your partner? Probably not, most couples don’t, it is not something we plan like tomorrows dinner. Most of the time, sex is not a planned thing, we go with what feels good at the time. But, did you know that certain positions can actually help you fall in love? I bet you didn’t, I know I sure didn’t, not until recently anyway. I have been married for a very long time and my husband and I are in love, so why fix or improve on something that’s working, right? Let’s go through a few of these positions and see what we can learn together.

Higher Love

Ok, not the song, the sex position. This is when the woman lays down on her back, usually on a bed, table, or other surface, and puts her legs on her lovers shoulders. This matters because it gives both a level of control and both work together. She can let him in closer or push him back. He controls the movements and she controls the speed, to slow him down or let him go.

Cross Legged

This is where the man sits on the bed, floor or other surface, with his legs crossed as in a yoga position and his lady sits on his lap. She wraps her legs and her arms around him and they are face to face, every move felt by both. There isn’t really a way to shove it in or get intense. The intensity of this position is in the way you have to move slowly and with more purpose, adding to the intimacy of the lovemaking.

Enhanced Missionary Position

This, while being what some now say, is the old fashioned way, is not quite so. This one gives the man and woman the emotional intimacy and the fact that the guy can control how deep he goes into her, and if both are so inclined to do so, it is much easier to move from vaginal sex to anal sex. This position is probably the most versatile and not boring at all, if used properly. This is quite possibly one of the more intimate! The face to face, regardless of which way you wish to have intercourse, is more intimate than most give it credit for these days. You should try it.

Hold Me

No, no, no, this is not the “I need a hug” position, this is when it seems that she has run and jumped into his arms after not having seen him in a long time. The only difference is that they are naked and she is wrapped around his waist with her arms wrapped around his neck. This one is more romantic, with slower movements, obviously, and passionate movements and kisses. This one is conducive of a lot of body traits by both, but given all of that, this is one damn sexy way to have very close and intimate sex together.


While this isn’t the most popular of all of the sex positions, not that I have seen anyway, this is considered one of the top positions to fall in love. I want eye contact, but I guess not all people feel that way. This is not one that needs much in the line of telling you how to do it, if you are human and have ever had sex, you know this one. Now, this is supposedly one of the better ones as for body contact, hand holding, rubbing, squeezing, all are supposed to be insanely intimate, or so it’s said. Yes, it really is in this list, not for me, but for most women I guess!

Slow and Easy

Not everything has to be slam fucking sex, sometimes a slow and easy is the best way to the end of the line. You know, not everything has to be wham, bam, thank you ma’am, not in life, not in play and surely not in sex. The slow position is all about the electric shock that seems to go through the woman’s body while she is taking in the passion and desire he is showing her. She feels the love, the attention. I am not so sure this is really a position so much as an act, but this is one of the favorites for most couples who are deeply in love, making each feel the total intimate charge that only the slow grind can make.

Now, let’s talk about this here for a minute or two. This isn’t the only ways to have sex and fall in love all over again, though research says these do the trick. But if you love someone and the love is intimate even when you walk about the world together, any position can be intimate. Touch is always a possible intimacy¬† session, it doesn’t have to even be sex. Sitting in a chair together and watching a movie, sharing a blanket, that is just as intimate in my opinion. To me, and I hope to most others, the fact that the time is spent, the togetherness, is always a matter of great passion and intimacy.

I see couples that are just embarking on their relationship, holding hands, walking arm in arm, just being together, that seem as much in love as anything else you can see online or anywhere else. Not everything or everyone is an exact science when it comes to this research I do for these articles. Just be you and walk through your lives knowing that you are not always in the sack to be falling in love or intimate.


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