The Story of Anal Sex

Anal sex has been a taboo thing for as long as there has been sex, I think. And before I go one step further, let me say, I am a female, so I am not writing this from some horny man perspective but hopefully a more neutral view as best I can. I used to wonder what the allure was for men and anal sex. Typically when I wonder something, I go to my male friends and ask questions and I do some research. This time I did both and was quite interested in the things I learned, so I wanted to pass them along to you, whether you are male or female, you will find out something you may not have known involving anal sex.

Centuries of Anal Sex

You may think that anal sex has only been around for a few decades or so, but let me assure you that it’s been around for well more than decades, try more like centuries. We know this because of the artwork that was done as far back as far as we can and found that men were doing anal on, yes, I mean on, women. Women didn’t much get a choice back then, not when it came to the womanly duties. Men were in charge and anything else was very taboo, and almost never heard about. So let’s stay in the natural stream of things for a minute.

If you go back and look into the art of China, Japan, and Europe, you will see etchings and paintings of men doing anal on women. Ancient drawings and pottery from South America and the Mediterranean will depict men having anal sex on their women.

In some cultures, anal sex was used as a form of birth control so there was no conception. They could still fulfill their sexual needs and not have to worry about a child. This was also seen as “not really sex” just about the same as it is now.


So here we are in this century again and what I have been able to find out from the guys of today, you know, the ones that are alive and kicking now. They have all been pretty much on the same wave length, when they say that anal sex is a form of variety, as in more ways to fulfill sexual fantasies and needs. They don’t have to worry about any heirs, but they still must be aware of the STDs that can still very much in play. And yes, even like back in the centuries, guys typically think this is not really sex, but their counterparts may differ drastically.

Women VS Men and Anal Sex

When you ask a man about anal sex, you get grunts and groans like you are asking them about their favorite flavor of cake. They are all about the oohs and ahhs of the fantasy of having anal sex. I mean, it isn’t really sex, right? So you think you can just go have anal sex with anyone and it isn’t cheating, because it isn’t sex, as I keep telling you right?

Well hold on cowboy, the women in your life don’t even come close to seeing anal sex as “not really sex”. If your dick is out of your pants and you have it touching any other women, that might as well be full on intercourse, because you are giving away something SHE says is hers. Whether she wants to have anal sex or not, that is a very close and personal thing and is very much a form of a gift where she is concerned. If she wants you both to have anal sex, that is a private thing not to be shared.

So be careful there boys, you may want to rethink your ideas of anal sex to better conform with your partner, because that’s the way it is seen by them.

Anal Sex Hurts

Anal sex for women hurts. I don’t care how big or little the dick is, it hurts, very much the first time. It will always hurt to start, but after she is used to it, it is more of a “hurts so good” situation. And let me say this, if you just go for it and she isn’t ready for it, you may have just blown your only chance to ever try that again. Make damn sure you bring it up, or have a discussion, whatever means you have to go through, but make sure you bring it up before hand, and trust me, that will go a long ways in getting where you want to go.

If you do this the right way, you will find out that most women have more orgasms, not just in the anal part of it, but it makes them feel more adventurous and sensual once they have gone there. They will be more trusting, more relaxed, and more orgasmic as a result.

Taboo, Taboo, Taboo

Where anal sex was once very taboo, is now more common place. The more taboo things once were and are not now, what is next? The next thing to be taboo, when will that one break and the next one begins?

Whatever you decide and whatever your partner wants to share, it is still a naughty thought, even if you do it daily, it makes you feel a little more kinky and not something you are likely to talk about over coffee at the office tomorrow. I think anal will always have a level of taboo because there are always going to be people that have it in their head that that is bad and you shouldn’t do that. It’s always going to have a slap of taboo to it, so just treat it as it is, do as you do, and have fun. No need to think like the ones that are scared of it, just keep this in your own little happy place in your mind as something you smile about in those quiet times.

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