What not to do on adult dating sites

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I met my fiancée on UKSexContacts.com, so I can testify first-hand that online dating works. At first, it was a fling, sort of friends with benefits arrangement, but over the course of several months, our relationship grew until we became exclusive. Finally, one morning, we both realized that we are in love with each other and started living together. Now, a year later, we are scheduled to get married next spring. So yes, you can find more than sex on dating sites. Even true love isn’t out of question, provided you can avoid the most common pitfalls many people encounter during their time on dating sites.

Before I met Anne, I spend almost a year as a member on UKSexContacts.com. From my experience, there are several things that are wrong with dating sites and that you should be aware of if you are planning on using them.

Many of the accounts you see on dating sites will be inactive. People make them in a spur of the moment and either forget about them or simply don’t bother using them. In order to boost their members’ numbers, dating site don’t delete them, which makes it vital to check the user’s last activity before sending a message. It will save you much time on waiting for a response from someone who hasn’t log on in over a year.

Not all members are there to meet people and have fun. Some are after your credit card info or even something more sinister. Use common sense before agreeing to anything in real life. In this aspect, online dating is similar to the traditional one. You won’t take home just anyone who you met in the bar.

Sometimes, the person you are talking to over the dating site isn’t the person you meet in reality. Some people are just too shy to talk to someone, even over the Internet, so they will ask their friends to help. This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, but don’t be surprised if an eloquent guy you met on dating site turns out to be quite the opposite in real life.

Almost one-third of women engaged on dating sites have sex on the first date. This can be either good or bad, depending on your viewpoint, but the truth is that online dating can make you shallow. The reason is that you are already spent some time talking to a person before the first date and that makes it easier to feel intimacy for them.

With all this said, let me make one thing clear. I believe that it is possible to use dating sites, not only for casual sex but even for something more serious. I am the living proof of that. Yes, there are challenges, but there are plenty more of them with traditional dating. All said and done, online dating is cheaper, safer, and ultimately, more successful.

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