What really goes on at Killing Kittens?

As the world became a lot more open to sexual fantasies, fetishes, and kinks, a spike in sex clubs emerged. From masked sex parties to BDSM lovemaking and orgies, pick your poison. These parties are often catered to enhance the experience of men more than women. But, there are a lot of young, independent single women who when not looking for horny sex contacts in their own area are searching for fun adult parties they can attend while feeling that they are in control. This is why Killing Kittens was created.

The name comes from an old quote that states, “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.” The club was created in 2005 by Emma Sayle and has since become incredibly popular, especially among women. This is a London-based club with lots of hot sex parties, and currently, it has over 100k members. In case you’ve never heard about Killing Kittens, you are definitely missing out! If you want to know what really goes on inside these naughty parties, here is a simple overview to get your motor running.

The Pursuit Of Female Pleasure

Killing Kittens mostly caters to women’s needs, but it is designed to please everyone. Considering that there are many platforms for new and fun sexual experiences that cater mostly to men, KK was definitely needed. Women who are open about their sexuality and are willing to experiment and try new things sometimes do not know where to go. Some would like to be in control and explore their sexuality in a safe environment.

Killing Kittens is created in a way that women can feel safe, yet they can still explore their sexual needs. For example, there are certain rules that need to be followed during KK parties. Unless they know them, men are not allowed to approach women at parties. Single men are not allowed in the clubs at all. As Emma Sayle once stated, women are gentler creatures who look much better naked; thus, having a crowd of 70% women and 30% of men is more titillating.

Rules Are Important!

Before you decide to visit Killing Kittens, there are a couple of things you need to know. This sex club is not like others; it has strict rules that need to be followed. Before you are even allowed to attend Killing Kittens parties, you need to apply for the parties on their website. A lot of the applicants will be rejected, depending on their application. To apply to a party, just visit KillingKittens.com, register, and apply for the parties you are interested in. A day before the party, you will be sent an email where you can see the address of the party and the rules you need to follow.

The rules are very straightforward. For example, men are not allowed to approach women; they cannot enter the playroom solo or linger alone at the party. Men need to be invited, and everyone needs to be treated with respect. Phones and photography are not allowed, and no means no. People need to wear a mask, or they are not allowed to enter. Gossiping is not allowed, and what happens at KK parties stays at KK parties.

One thing that really separates Killing Kittens from most other sex party clubs is that men are only allowed to enter if they come with a female partner. This is what makes KK parties much safer for women, as it helps them feel empowered.

What Happens At KK Parties?

These parties are designed to follow certain rules, which were listed above, and help people feel comfortable and happy. Of course, the main concept of KK parties is to have sex. The community tends to be quite friendly, the music varies from one night to the other, and everyone is super welcoming. As a newcomer, you might meet a lot of veterans who are happy to take you under their wing and show you a thing or two about sex parties.

Usually, there will be parts designated for people to drink and dance. Do not be surprised to see a lot of beautiful girls in cocktail dresses with a flirty and relaxed vibe. There will be sections designed for something more private, including often private bedrooms with large beds. You can find a lot of fun sex toys and some lubricant by the bed as well. Some people like to attend parties to have a fun sexual experience; others might come to watch. The Killing Kittens parties often leave people feeling sexually liberated and confident. As long as individuals follow the rules of the club, everyone can have a lot of fun!

The doors open at 9 pm; the guests will arrive in masks and fully dressed. Most women who attend Killing Kittens parties tend to be incredibly beautiful, wearing sexy dresses and just looking classy. Men who are accompanied by women often wear suits or tuxedos. Mobile phones will be left at the entrance as the guests head to the party, which is nicely decorated to look classy and sexy. Happy hour usually takes place from 9 pm to 11 pm, which is also when the doors close and nobody is allowed to come inside. This is when people are allowed to remove their masks, dress however they want, and have some naughty fun. Women are then free to mingle with other women and couples who are interested in experimenting and having fun!

It’s Liberating And Fun!

Most women who’ve attended Killing Kittens parties have stated that the experience was incredibly liberating, fun, and sexy and that they felt safe. In most sex parties, women who come alone do not feel safe. But since at KK, single men are not allowed to enter or approach women in the club at all; they do not have to worry about that. The men who’ve gone to KK parties with their lovely girls have also reported having had lots of hot fun! So, if you are searching for a thrilling and new experience where you can feel safe, liberated, and satisfied, Killing Kittens is a good choice!