How to make a woman squirt

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Our bodies are created for many things, and some of them are quite naughty. Squirting, also known as female ejaculation, is one of them. This might sound odd to some of you, but women can also ejaculate! This topic is often seen as controversial, but it is completely natural and a part of a pleasurable experience. If you want to make your partner squirt, here are a couple of things you should know. Continue reading How to make a woman squirt

15 best Audio porn sites and APPs

Watching porn is just one of many ways you get to enjoy its beauty. Some people need visual stimulation and enjoy watching gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes get down and dirty in many hot scenarios. The rest of us love using our imagination to create the perfect scenario in our heads. Scenarios that can always help us reach the naughty peak. If you like using your imagination, there are many sites that could make your experience a lot more imaginative. Below you have a list of the hottest audio porn websites and apps you should consider to spice up your masturbation! Continue reading 15 best Audio porn sites and APPs