Do wives really love dogging?

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Dogging is a practice of having sex in public places, usually in cars or the outdoors, where anyone can watch you. However, dogging is not done just anywhere; there are specific areas designed for dogging events and communities to gather and have fun. There are thousands of hotspots in the UK that are perfect for dogging and voyeurs to go and have their own naughty fun. People who enjoy watching the naughty events are called voyeurs, while the rest are dogging lovers.

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Dogging Meets Lets You Discover The Thrill Of Public Sex

When it comes to sexual acts, they usually come with all kinds of synonyms, and while the same can be said for having sex in public, the British English slang term, dogging, is probably the best way to do it. The term and the act of dogging are nothing new, as they have been around for quite a while. However, in the past few years, dogging has been increasing in popularity, especially in the UK.

What exactly is dogging?

The simplest way to put it, dogging is having sex in public and letting passengers observe the act. Dogging is the complete opposite of what most people tend to do while they have sex in public. While most people tend to get a certain rush while keeping themselves hidden, with the adrenaline flowing through their body and thoughts that they can be discovered at any moment, those who are into dogging want to display their sexual skills to as many as possible.

Is dogging popular in the UK?

While dogging is not too popular across the world, when it comes to the United Kingdom, research shows that up to 41 percent of people have some kind of public sex. Of course, not everyone wants to be watched, but with dogging becoming more popular, the numbers are certainly increasing, and thus it is easier to find a partner who can join you in the act. Real Dogging meets Here! Continue reading Dogging Meets Lets You Discover The Thrill Of Public Sex

Why do people love to go dogging?

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Dogging is the act of having public sex with strangers, while others come to watch. This is a very interesting and popular fetish… but a lot of newbies do not understand the appeal of the fetish at all. So, why do voyeurs and others love to engage in fucking or watching people fuck in public places?

The word dogging is actually a British slang that came from men going to walk their dog and ending up cheating on their lovers. The dogging act is very popular in the UK, with lots of places known in the dogging communities to be the perfect place to have sex with strangers. But, what makes dogging so popular? Continue reading Why do people love to go dogging?

Dogging dos and don’ts for newbies + Jessica’s dogging video

Unlike other practices, like wife swapping and cuckoldry, dogging is all about strangers having sex. Thus, it is important that you know the basic do’s and don’ts when talking about dogging. This lifestyle is seen as a very informal activity on the surface, while in fact, dogging has strict rules everyone should follow. You could consider the dos and don’ts as the dogging etiquette. If you wish to engage in any sort of dogging fuck fests, here are a couple of rules that you need to follow! Continue reading Dogging dos and don’ts for newbies + Jessica’s dogging video

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