Do wives really love dogging?

Married, loving but incredibly sexed up mature housewife wearing stockings having casual sex with a stranger at a dogging meet in the South of England.

Dogging is a practice of having sex in public places, usually in cars or the outdoors, where anyone can watch you. However, dogging is not done just anywhere; there are specific areas designed for dogging events and communities to gather and have fun. There are thousands of hotspots in the UK that are perfect for dogging and voyeurs to go and have their own naughty fun. People who enjoy watching the naughty events are called voyeurs, while the rest are dogging lovers.

If you are interested in having a dogging experience but you are not sure whether your wife would be down for something like this, maybe it is time to have this conversation. If you’re unsure what it’s like for a housewife at a dogging meet then take a look at Dogging Rachel’s Dogging After Dark website, you can see her at real dogging meets and read about her experiences. There is no definite answer when it comes to the question of whether your wife loves dogging or not. This all comes down to each individual’s preference. Your wife might enjoy dogging, or she might not. There is a possibility that your wife might not even know about dogging and what it is, which is why you should find a way to introduce her to the fetish first.

Dogging can be quite thrilling!

It is all about getting caught and fucking strangers. Some people consider dogging as a way to go swinging with people you will never meet again, while some singles love to go and participate in other people’s dogging experiences. One thing to keep in mind is that dogging is for open-minded people who are sex-positive and searching for naughty experiences to share with their partner.

The whole point of dogging is that you have a bunch of consenting strangers all in one place, having fun with each other. These strangers often wear masks and are willing to try many new things. There are many different combinations for dogging. For example, you have horny individuals who go alone and are searching for many partners at once. There are couples who are visiting dogging spots to experiment with naughty swinging opportunities.

Whatever the case might be, dogging can be incredibly thrilling. It is important to know where you can actually do such naughty things because although dogging is not illegal, being caught with your pants down in public is illegal. So, you need to know where you can engage in naughty sexual encounters because dogging never happens behind closed doors. The whole point is that it happens in public or even semi-public places.

How to suggest the act of dogging?

If you are interested in having a hot dogging experience but you are not sure whether your wife would be down for something like that, it won’t hurt to ask. Here’s a quick rundown of why people love dogging. Of course, this is not an easy topic to come by, so you might not know how to actually start this conversation. Believe it or not, the best way to ask your wife about this is directly. Do not sugar-coat things; ask your partner directly whether they would be down for something as naughty as dogging.

In case they do not know what dogging actually is, you should teach them. This is why it is important that you know more about dogging, the rules, its etiquette, and other things that your wife might be interested in knowing beforehand. Showing that you have a high interest in something like this will definitely sway your wife in a positive way. However, keep in mind that dogging into for everyone, and if your wife is not into that, drop it. Dogging is a fun sexual experience, but nobody should be forced to like it.

Improve the quality of your married life

In some cases, dogging is known to improve somebody’s sex and married life. After some time, a marriage can become boring, and sex can be incredibly repetitive. Sex is the key to a happy marriage, so that is something you should keep in mind. If your wife is not sexually satisfied, she is not going to be happy, and thus your marriage will falter. How can you save it? Well, there are many ways to do this, and dogging is one of them.

The best way to save a stale sex life is to introduce new naughty things in the bedroom. You can spring the idea of swinging to your wife and see whether the two of you are on the same page. Dogging is the perfect example of having more partners with no strings attached. If you and your wife wanted to try having sex with other people, you could do it together, with strangers you will never see again.

Dogging is the perfect fetish for those who enjoy sex, who can separate love and intercourse, and who are searching for perfect ways to have naughty fun. Your wife might just surprise you. A lot of women are down to go dogging because that makes them feel sexy, hot, and wanted. There is nothing hotter than having horny men line up to get a piece of your ass, and dogging can offer just that.

Be prepared and know the rules

As it was mentioned, it is important to learn more about the dogging fetish, so you can teach your partner more about it. However, it is also important that you know more about the rules and etiquette. While everyone of legal age is allowed to enjoy the dogging experience, you need to follow certain rules if you are planning to do so.

There are some unspoken rules that just need to be applied, and the most important ones are consent and safe sex. It is important to get a person’s consent before you engage in any kind of physical contact, and the same applies to voyeurs. You are free to masturbate watching couples have fun, but only if they give you their consent.

On the other hand, nobody is there to have a raw experience with strangers. They are there to have sexy fun, but nothing is sexier than staying safe. So make sure to bring a lot of rubbers, in case somebody forgot, and have lots of fun! Who knows, maybe this is exactly what your wife needed to spice things up in the bedroom.