Why MILFs are so horny

This sounds too good to be true, but considering the rise of older women registering on online hookup websites and other similar experiences, it is definitely true. But why are MILFs getting hornier with age? It might have something to do that with their partners. As we age, older women just need a bit of lubricant, and they are good to go. However, men sometimes have to rely on pills or other helpers, and even then, they are not able to perform as well as they once did. This can leave their wives dissatisfied and horny all the time.

Whether you call them cougars, forbidden fruits, naughty mums, or anything else, the fact is that MILFs are becoming hornier by the second. Lucky for them, a lot of men have a thing for older women who have experience and are incredibly skilled in the art of dick pleasing. You might be surprised to read some experiences men have had with old gals. This is because horny moms have a tendency to do all kinds of naughty things for their men. Here are some reasons why MILFs are super horny today. Continue reading Why MILFs are so horny

Swinging could save your marriage

Interview with a closed poly foursome : r/polyamory

Is your married life becoming stale? Maybe your sex life is not as good as it used to be. What can you do to reignite that spark in your life again? There are many things, but one that has been proven to work is swinging. There is nothing better than a bit of harmless taboo to spice up your sex life!

Having sex with somebody who is not your partner might seem a bit odd in this context, especially since swinging is usually done in front of your partner as well. But, you might be surprised to learn that in a lot of situations, swinging was able to save people’s marriages!

Talk to your spouse

If you are interested in having a swinging experience, and you think that this might help, it is time to talk to your partner. Unless both of you are on the same page, this will not work for you. Open up about your feelings and the will to go swinging. If you two are on the same page, it is time to search for a couple who will be willing to enjoy a hot swinging fest.

It is important to find a couple you will both love. This could be a challenge, but do not forget that there are many forums dedicated to swingers. If you do not know anyone in your private life who would love to Continue reading Swinging could save your marriage

To Be Love and Date a BBW

Let me tell you one thing before we go one word further, if any of this article offends, it is not my point. I do not and would never judge or degrade anyone. I do have to do research for my articles and sometimes something said may offend someone, but that isn’t me, I am not like that. So please keep this in mind when I move on with this. I know a lot of men here on UK Sex Contacts that absolutely love big women, they would not ever even consider looking at someone that has the perfect body, so to speak. To these guys, big IS the perfect body, and they are not shy about it. Continue reading To Be Love and Date a BBW

Sex Positions and Falling in Love

Have you ever given a minutes thought to how sex positions play roles on your intimacy with your partner? Probably not, most couples don’t, it is not something we plan like tomorrows dinner. Most of the time, sex is not a planned thing, we go with what feels good at the time. But, did you know that certain positions can actually help you fall in love? I bet you didn’t, I know I sure didn’t, not until recently anyway. I have been married for a very long time and my husband and I are in love, so why fix or improve on something that’s working, right? Let’s go through a few of these positions and see what we can learn together. Continue reading Sex Positions and Falling in Love

Dating Then and Now

I was researching for this article and I have to say that I learn something new every day! I wasn’t sure when “dating” actually ever started and I found out it was at the turn of the 20th century. Before that, it was more of a courtship and there really wasn’t much emotion involved at the time. It was far more private and personal and by all means never really talked about.

The Beginning of Dating

The turn of the 20th century seems to be the consensus of the time that dating game started. This was becoming more and more of a thing. Before this, the girls would have meetings with a few guys until Mom and Dad liked one of them and then they would set up a marriage for them. The final say had a lot to do with the guys financial status and their social lives. The more they had of these two things, the more apt that was to be the new son in law.

But then, and let me tell you, I cannot even fathom mom and dad having any of this, but the kids started going out more and more with the opposite sex, mostly in groups, without the parents. Marriage was still the end goal in the 20th century, but the parents were not as much in charge.

Procedures of Dating in the Early 20th Century

In as much as the dating craze was happening, there were still procedures that had to be done. If a young man wanted to date a girl, he had to do the proper thing and come calling. He came to call on her and if he was very lucky, the family liked him enough to invite him Continue reading Dating Then and Now

What not to do on adult dating sites

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I met my fiancée on UKSexContacts.com, so I can testify first-hand that online dating works. At first, it was a fling, sort of friends with benefits arrangement, but over the course of several months, our relationship grew until we became exclusive. Finally, one morning, we both realized that we are in love with each other and started living together. Now, a year later, we are scheduled to get married next spring. So yes, you can find more than sex on dating sites. Even true love isn’t out of question, provided you can avoid the most common pitfalls many people encounter during their time on dating sites.

Before I met Anne, I spend almost a year as a member on UKSexContacts.com. From my experience, there are several things that are wrong with dating sites and that you should be aware of if you are planning on using them.

Many of the accounts you see on dating sites will be inactive. People make them in a spur of the moment and either forget about them or simply don’t bother using them. In order to boost their members’ numbers, dating site don’t delete them, which makes it vital to check the user’s last activity before sending a message. It will save you much time on waiting for a response from someone who hasn’t log on in over a year.

Not all members are there to meet people and have fun. Some are after your credit card info or even something more sinister. Use common sense before agreeing to anything in real life. In this aspect, online dating is Continue reading What not to do on adult dating sites

How to tell if she’s DTF

It can be difficult to tell whether or not a girl is down to fuck, but there are certain things you can look for. If you see the right signs, then you can be sure that you’re in for a great night. All you have to do is pay attention to her body language and actions. Once you figure out which ones mean what, you’ll be able to spot a girl from across the room and know that she’s ready for a good old fashioned fucking. It gets easier the more you look, so try it out as much as you can.

First is her flirty language. A girl who needs some dick is going to be coy about it, but she’s still going to have a few tells. Her language is going to get coarse and she won’t have a problem with using words like “fuck” or “cock”. It’s just her brain’s way of getting ready to get dirty. When the conversation starts with a girl who doesn’t swear and ends with one that cusses like a sailor, you can be sure that she wants your dick. All you have to do is offer it to her. Continue reading How to tell if she’s DTF