The Story of Anal Sex

Anal sex has been a taboo thing for as long as there has been sex, I think. And before I go one step further, let me say, I am a female, so I am not writing this from some horny man perspective but hopefully a more neutral view as best I can. I used to wonder what the allure was for men and anal sex. Typically when I wonder something, I go to my male friends and ask questions and I do some research. This time I did both and was quite interested in the things I learned, so I wanted to pass them along to you, whether you are male or female, you will find out something you may not have known involving anal sex.

Centuries of Anal Sex

You may think that anal sex has only been around for a few decades or so, but let me assure you that it’s been around for well more than decades, try more like centuries. We know this because of the artwork that was done as far back as far as we can and found that men were doing anal on, yes, I mean on, women. Women didn’t much get a choice back then, not when it came to the womanly duties. Men were in charge and anything else was very taboo, and almost never heard about. So let’s stay in the natural stream of things for a minute.

If you go back and look into the art of China, Japan, and Europe, you will see etchings and paintings of men doing anal on women. Ancient drawings and pottery from South America and the Mediterranean will depict men having anal sex on their women.

In some cultures, anal sex was used as a form of birth control so there was no conception. They could still fulfill their sexual needs and not have to worry about a child. This was also seen as “not really sex” just about the same as it is now.


So here we are in this century again and what I have been able to find out from the guys of today, you know, the ones that are alive and kicking now. They have all been pretty much on the same wave length, when they say that anal sex is a form of variety, as in more ways to fulfill sexual fantasies and needs. They don’t have to worry about any heirs, but they still must be aware of the STDs that can still very much in play. And yes, even like back in the centuries, guys typically think this is not really sex, but their counterparts may differ drastically.

Women VS Men and Anal Sex

When you ask a man about anal sex, you get grunts and groans like you are asking them about their favorite flavor of cake. They are all about the oohs and ahhs of the fantasy of having anal sex. I mean, it isn’t really sex, right? So you think you can just go have anal sex with anyone and it isn’t cheating, because it isn’t sex, as I keep telling you right?

Well hold on cowboy, the women in your life don’t even come close to seeing anal sex as “not really sex”. If your dick is out of your pants and you have it touching any other women, that might as well be full on intercourse, because you are giving away something SHE says is hers. Whether she wants to have anal sex or not, that is a very close and personal thing and is very much a form of a gift where she is concerned. If she wants you both to have anal sex, that is a private thing not to be shared.

So be careful there boys, you may want to rethink your ideas of anal sex to better conform with your partner, because that’s the way it is seen by them.

Anal Sex Hurts

Anal sex for women hurts. I don’t care how big or little the dick is, it hurts, very much the first time. It will always hurt to start, but after she is used to it, it is more of a “hurts so good” situation. And let me say this, if you just go for it and she isn’t ready for it, you may have just blown your only chance to ever try that again. Make damn sure you bring it up, or have a discussion, whatever means you have to go through, but make sure you bring it up before hand, and trust me, that will go a long ways in getting where you want to go.

If you do this the right way, you will find out that most women have more orgasms, not just in the anal part of it, but it makes them feel more adventurous and sensual once they have gone there. They will be more trusting, more relaxed, and more orgasmic as a result.

Taboo, Taboo, Taboo

Where anal sex was once very taboo, is now more common place. The more taboo things once were and are not now, what is next? The next thing to be taboo, when will that one break and the next one begins?

Whatever you decide and whatever your partner wants to share, it is still a naughty thought, even if you do it daily, it makes you feel a little more kinky and not something you are likely to talk about over coffee at the office tomorrow. I think anal will always have a level of taboo because there are always going to be people that have it in their head that that is bad and you shouldn’t do that. It’s always going to have a slap of taboo to it, so just treat it as it is, do as you do, and have fun. No need to think like the ones that are scared of it, just keep this in your own little happy place in your mind as something you smile about in those quiet times.

Benefits of Sex With Grannies

We are about to discuss something that I bet most of you have never thought of but will have it in your head after we chat. These 20 something young ladies of today think they have something over on the older ladies over 60, but let me tell you, they don’t even come close. The grannies are, the majority of the time, the hottest of the 2 different sets of women. Chances are, the younger ladies that you know are most likely pretentious and all about themselves, and these days, their Instagram accounts. Grandmas, however, are more secure in their beings and they have been through menopause and have absolutely no restrictions at all, so this makes them far more confident, but not cocky. They don’t just sit on the front porch and knit anymore.

Men Do Not Care What Grannies Look Like

When men are touching women, they really don’t care what they look like. They may walk around eyeing all these younger women with lust in their eyes. But let me say this, the majority of them really do like the curves and tenderness of the female body. Of course the most immature or social conscious will not admit to this, but if they get right down to it, men actually do prefer the curvy women over stick figure dolls any day of the week. Women have as much, and maybe more, of erectile tissue as a man. It is just that all of the woman’s erectile tissue is inside, behind the labia, and not on the outside like the penis. Hers are equally as tender and equally as erotic and sexually desirous of needs as men. Taking all of this into consideration, the female has a full orgasmic ability.

If you ask your woman right now, she probably doesn’t even know this, most of the younger women do not. This is another plus for granny fucking.

He Wants to Please The Granny

Despite what some may think, men tend to want to please their women, even the younger ones, than for women to try and please their men.Most people think the ones that have to keep the partner happy is all about the women. In most cases, however, the men are the ones that feel the need and desire to please their women. Especially if this is a casual sex, friends with benefits, or one night stands, he feels like he needs to make her so happy that maybe everyone else has to compare with him, this is even more so in the sex with a granny, no one wants to leave a granny wanting more.

The women also have a good taste and most men want to go down on them, yes, even the grannies. The smell and the taste is usually the biggest turn on. A lot of grannies do not even know that this could be a good thing, or that it wasn’t a nasty ordeal. It is perfectly acceptable, of course not something you want to talk about at the family dinner, of course. But oral sex can be even more pleasing as a granny knows more how to control her own body and how to get the most out of the act of oral sex now.

Granny is Full of Kink

Men have long since, made crazy ideas for new things they want to try, or fantasies they want to carry out, and as a younger woman, this couldn’t be at a worse time, most nights. She has had a long day at work, cooking for the family, taking care of the kids, and so on, staying busy from the time she opens her eyes until the time she finally gets to sleep. However, a granny does not have these issues, none of them. She is likely retired, or at least semi, her kids are all grown up, and no one to cook dinner for or put to bed. Her nights are as free as she wants them to be. So, now is the best time to try out new fantasies, or old, and staying up late to carry them out is not a bad thing.

You need to always be willing to negotiate with one another, not everyone will want the same things in sex, so be willing and able to find what works for each of you. Just one of you will simply not work, because it will make things very awkward for the both of you. Too much kink for one should be given thought and actions. Granny is more likely to try new things than the younger ladies. Younger ladies are apt to talk or have another friend that talks and it comes out that that was the weirdest thing, where grannies don’t give a damn and they don’t care what others think or just don’t talk about it.

I guess at the end of the day, it is a thing that is a “to each his own” situation. You may or may not be turned on by grannies for vastly different reasons. If you are just not into grannies, this doesn’t make you bad, I am so certain that there are tons of other guys are and would love nothing more than to share a night of sex with a much older woman. You just do you and that is perfectly ok. But the next time it is brought up to you, make sure you keep this article in mind and don’t flip your nose up at it, grannies are some sexy, and sexually charged human beings, and maybe you just can’t keep up with them.

What good is a MILF

Horny Milf from Bicester, Oxfordshire takes a nude Iphone selfie looking for quickies.

The definition of MILF, “Mom/Mother I’d Like to Fuck”, any woman who has at least one child, that has men that want to have sexual intercourse with her. There are other definitions but we won’t go there, they are something else entirely. They can be married, divorced, separated, or whatever else you can come up with to call an older women you wanna get with. They are not all hard up for dick, so get that idea out of your head, they just all like sex just as much, or more, than they did before they have kids.

Difference in MILFs and Teens

Well the first difference would be that the age, duh!! But then there is the face that a MILF has had children. But probably the most important reason is that they are far more experienced than a teen. If you want to have sex with someone with experience, go find you a MILF. It is ok to like those freshly turned 18 year olds, and who knows you might be her first, but will she be as experienced as a MILF would be? It’s all a matter of preferences and everyone has their own preference. I think it possibly goes both ways, sometimes a girl wants an older man, but that is another story for another day.

Chances are a MILF will not flinch when you ask for a blowjob or anal. An 18-19 year old may even bolt if you mention that business, they want no part of your dick in her mouth or her butt hole, that’s just gross. A MILF however, may not want to do that, but they probably won’t be shocked and make you feel embarrassed for asking. Continue reading What good is a MILF

Dating Then and Now

I was researching for this article and I have to say that I learn something new every day! I wasn’t sure when “dating” actually ever started and I found out it was at the turn of the 20th century. Before that, it was more of a courtship and there really wasn’t much emotion involved at the time. It was far more private and personal and by all means never really talked about.

The Beginning of Dating

The turn of the 20th century seems to be the consensus of the time that dating game started. This was becoming more and more of a thing. Before this, the girls would have meetings with a few guys until Mom and Dad liked one of them and then they would set up a marriage for them. The final say had a lot to do with the guys financial status and their social lives. The more they had of these two things, the more apt that was to be the new son in law.

But then, and let me tell you, I cannot even fathom mom and dad having any of this, but the kids started going out more and more with the opposite sex, mostly in groups, without the parents. Marriage was still the end goal in the 20th century, but the parents were not as much in charge.

Procedures of Dating in the Early 20th Century

In as much as the dating craze was happening, there were still procedures that had to be done. If a young man wanted to date a girl, he had to do the proper thing and come calling. He came to call on her and if he was very lucky, the family liked him enough to invite him Continue reading Dating Then and Now

Swingers: Need to Know

I have been invited to be in a swingers club with a party taking place at the Vanilla Alternative in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, but to this date, it hasn’t happened and never will. That’s just not my scene. Having said that, what you do with your sex life, that’s totally your call to make and you shouldn’t be judged if that’s your scene. But let’s talk about a few things. Keep in mind, I am not a swinger, I have just been researching it for this time with you.

Things To Do:

Make very very sure that your partner is on the same place with you, if there is one. Don’t just come in one day and declare it, talk with him or her about it, think it through, and sleep on it, by all means. This is a very serious thing to embark upon and should be treated as such. This relationship’s swinging experience will only work if both of you are into it. If you start it and one isn’t into it, stop immediately and go home where you can regroup. It could be that it just isn’t for your relationship. Continue reading Swingers: Need to Know

Dogging Explained

I’ve got to admit, I am not from the UK, but I’ve been picking up on some of the slang that goes with it. One of the ones that really caught my attention was “dogging“. Of course in my head, I didn’t give it a lot of thought, I just assumed it was people walking their dogs and that was the fastest way to say it. “Hey honey, I am going dogging”. But boy was my face ever red when I realized that that isn’t the meaning of the word at all. It is a slang word in the UK for public sex. I guess that kind of makes sense, but I had to go digging and doing my research on it. Let’s see if we can clear this one up so the rest of the world knows what it is.


The term dogging actually started in the 1970s, so yes you young folks, it started probably before most of you were born, so it isn’t your invention here. You were not the first to go dogging. It actually started when men would spy on couples having sex outdoors. Once he had caught them the first time, he would “dog” their every move to try and catch them having sex outside again, as often as he could possibly catch them. The same thing can also be called voyeurism and exhibitionism. Continue reading Dogging Explained

Couples want to be watched by strangers while having sex

Couples want to be watched having sex and you can get in on the action. These sex crazy couples are so fucking horny and they need loads of willing men to watch them doing the deed. Picture yourself in a room with a couple going for it like mad, the atmosphere gets very intense, the noise gets you hard and you try your best to hold yourself back. Voyeur mad men love it for exactly this reason, there is something very erotic about watching couples having sex. I’ve always been the type of guy that prefers watching, relaxing and touching yourself up while a couple goes for it is the best turn on ever for me. I’ve got a list of Couples want to be watched in front of me right now, furthermore I am also willing to share it with you. These couples are having trouble finding men to watch them have sex, so they’ve come to me to try to help them with that. I want a bunch of men that like watching couples having sex to contact me, once I get your message I’ll sort through them all and get back to the ones that seem genuine. I understand not everyone is going to be a couples watcher, some of you might get the urge to get involved.

This all comes down to if the couple is okay with other men joining in, for the most part, couples only want to be watched. I know from my own experience there will be many men who are fine with this, so I’d be happy for you guys to get in touch. This weekend we’ve got a real opportunity for you guys to get in on the fun, we’ve got a whole house full of Couples want to be watched. We need multiple men to make this happen, it’s some of the best discreet pleasure you can get, so why would you deny yourself the pleasure of getting it? Staying home and missing out on all the fun isn’t an option, watching couples having sex is. These horny girls will make it known that they love having you in the room watching them going for it, just sit back and listen as they get intense amounts of sweet pleasure. Contact me right now and I can point you in the best direction for watching couples having wild sex together.

Coffee shop shenanigans

I had the best experience I’ve ever had in a coffee shop the other day and I simply had to share it with the world, or at least everyone into the same kind of things as me.  There was this girl I met on the internet and she agreed to meet me for sex.  It’s a UK sex contacts site, so there’s no weird stuff going on here, we both know what the score is.

Her  name was Isabelle and she was so hot!  I’d been looking at her profile for weeks online, imagining that she had a whole entourage of fuck buddies lining up around the corner to get into her panties, but apparently she didn’t.  She told me that she didn’t get much interest at all.  I was very surprised to hear this and still half believe she may have been lying to put me at ease.  Perhaps it’s one of those situations where you get the really attractive girl who no-one will contact because they think she’s unattainable; who knows?  (If you want my advice, from here on don’t hesitate, just ask them).

She walked into the coffee shop in my hometown and sat down in front of me.  She smiled and I honestly didn’t know what to do back to her.  I’d never used a sex contacts site before and all I could think about was how well I was going to perform later on that day or whenever it was that we were actually going to do it.  She could tell I was nervous and relaxed me a little by making a joke or two and ordering the drinks.  “We are going to have a drink first aren’t we?” She joked.  This was kind of nice because it affirmed the fact that we were indeed going to screw later on.  I couldn’t help feeling very aroused.  I looked her up and down and checked out her body.  She looked tremendous.

“Calm yourself,” she laughed, as she caught me looking.

“Erm…, yes, you’re right.  You see it’s…,” I stuttered

“You’re first time with a sex contact?”  She interrupted, “I had guessed as much.”

“I need to go to the toilet, excuse me,” I said as I walked off, very embarrassed indeed.

I entered the tiny little toilet at the back of the shop, around the corner from the main drinking area, and no sooner had I got the old chap in my hand, I heard a knock at the door.

“Open up, it’s me,” came Isabelle’s voice.

I opened the door and she slipped inside very quickly.  She looked into my eyes and smiled, before dropping to her knees and giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had in my life.

“That should relax you a little more,” she said as she stood up, wiped her mouth and opened the door.

When I got back to the table we simply finished our drinks and went around the corner to a local hotel for the afternoon.  What a day that was!