FabSwingers: What it is and Is it any good?

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Looking for the best website to explore your swinging tendencies? Well, the online world is filled with them. On your journey, there is a high chance that you encountered Fab Swingers. This is a rather popular swingers’ website created by a couple who loves to exchange partners. The site does have a very dated design, which is probably what pushes a lot of newcomers away. If you are unsure of whether you want to be a part of the site or not, here is a review that can help you decide. Continue reading FabSwingers: What it is and Is it any good?

What really goes on at Killing Kittens?

As the world became a lot more open to sexual fantasies, fetishes, and kinks, a spike in sex clubs emerged. From masked sex parties to BDSM lovemaking and orgies, pick your poison. These parties are often catered to enhance the experience of men more than women. But, there are a lot of young, independent single women who when not looking for horny sex contacts in their own area are searching for fun adult parties they can attend while feeling that they are in control. This is why Killing Kittens was created.

The name comes from an old quote that states, “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.” The club was created in 2005 by Emma Sayle and has since become incredibly popular, especially among women. This is a London-based club with lots of hot sex parties, and currently, it has over 100k members. In case you’ve never heard about Killing Kittens, you are definitely missing out! If you want to know what really goes on inside these naughty parties, here is a simple overview to get your motor running. Continue reading What really goes on at Killing Kittens?

Townhouse Swingers – What is it & Is It any good?

Established in 2005, Townhouse Swingers is all about providing a safe space for swingers to engage in their sexual fantasies in Birkenhead near Liverpool. They are known for their hospitality and an amazing venue where people can enjoy sexy parties. If this is your first time hearing about Townhouse Swingers, and you are unsure of whether this place would suit your preferences, just keep reading. It all comes down to what kind of fetishes you value the most and what kind of experiences you are searching for. With that said, every lover of swinging will surely get a kick out of what Townhouse Swingers has to offer.

What are Townhouse Swingers all about?

Townhouse Swingers is designed to offer a place for swingers to have fun. The club is known for having spotless venues and a welcoming atmosphere with many happy campers. Although the club is dedicated to swinging, no pressure is put on the individuals. You are welcome to come by and explore your sexual fantasies. You might even learn about new and exciting things you’ve never even known about. The best thing about Townhouse Swingers is that there is no kink shaming. You are free to love whatever you love, as long as you follow the rules and you are respectful towards other members of their community. Continue reading Townhouse Swingers – What is it & Is It any good?