FabSwingers: What it is and Is it any good?

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Looking for the best website to explore your swinging tendencies? Well, the online world is filled with them. On your journey, there is a high chance that you encountered Fab Swingers. This is a rather popular swingers’ website created by a couple who loves to exchange partners. The site does have a very dated design, which is probably what pushes a lot of newcomers away. If you are unsure of whether you want to be a part of the site or not, here is a review that can help you decide.

What is FabSwingers about?

This is a hookup site intended for people who like to swing. Swinging is slang used to describe the practice of swapping sexual partners in a group. FabSwingers is a great way to spice up your sex life, even if you are single. People from all over the world are welcome to explore the site and enjoy a lot of free services. Now, the site is not really completely free of charge, but you do get a lot of freebies you get to enjoy.

You can register as a couple who is looking for other couples or even singles. You can also register as a single who wants to experience sex with more people. FabSwingers is open to all kinds of naughty swinger-related fetish communities. This website welcomes people of all sexual orientations. The community is open-minded, and finding something for yourself is not really difficult.

Fab Swingers is one of the biggest swing websites online when talking about the community and popularity. It is fun, mostly free, and has a community with over 150k swingers registered. This includes couples, single men, and women who want to join swinging.

Registration is necessary

If you are interested in finding a partner or a couple for yourself, the first thing you need to do is register. The registration is simple and free, and you get to fill out many interesting details about yourself. You can specify your gender, sexuality, and preferences. This helps other swingers easily find you when they are searching for people they can invite to their swinging parties. The community seems to be busy all the time, the responses are quick, and you have fun chatrooms you can visit, too.

In order to register, you will have to upload a photo verification first. Once you pass the photo verification process, everything is much simpler. All the members who have registered have filled out a personal questionnaire with all the necessary information about why they want to join the website. You will also have to fill out other important information, such as the username, password, email, and other stuff. The process is not breezy, but it is very simple. Just follow the rules, and you are good to go!

Let’s talk about profiles and features

As was briefly mentioned, the design here is very dated. It looks like a site that came out of the 90s and never got updated. This is probably why their community is massive but not as massive as it could be. With an updated design, it would look better and would probably be a lot more user-friendly. With that said, the website does have a bunch of good options for users. Finding your way around the website is really not difficult, and they also provide you with advanced search options to help you find your preferred kind of people.

Though, if you really want to have a chance with any of the registered swingers on FabSwingers, you should consider customizing your profile to the fullest. Remember, how can people know whether you suit their taste if they do not know anything about you? Do not worry; you do not have to be tech-savvy to understand any of this! In addition, FabSwingers is mobile-compatible, so you can use it whenever you want.

Contacting people is easy.

Once you are settled in, you can send other members messages. With customizable search tools, you can easily find people who have the same kind of preference as you. You can also add them to your Hot List, join their clubs, join and read forums, etc. Both sending and receiving messages are free, and you can use their private messaging or public chatrooms to strike up a conversation.

You can pay, but you don’t have to!

If you just want to enjoy all the free services that FabSwingers has to offer, you do not have to pay. However, there is an option to upgrade your profile for some additional stuff. On top of everything that was mentioned, you can pay to have advertisements removed, see who viewed your profile, upload high-quality photos, view multiple cams in chats, save messages, and so on. However, paying for a membership is mostly seen as being a supporter of the site!

To all lovers of swinging, FabSwingers is a great choice!

Finding a website that is truly dedicated to swinging couples and singles is kind of difficult. A lot of hookup websites focus on having as many registered members, without actually focusing on a certain lifestyle. From its name to its introduction, FabSwingers is straightforward about being a website dedicated to lovers of swinging. So if you lead that lifestyle or you are simply interested in trying it out, do not hesitate to check out FabSwingers. The site is free!