Face sitting: What it is and why men love it

Whether you are a big fan of this niche, or this is your first time hearing the name ‘face sitting’… it is pretty self-explanatory. In simple words, face sitting is the act of sitting on somebody’s face for the purpose of making them perform orally or simply smush them. This act is incredibly popular in the BDSM scenes where the power dynamic comes into play. The sitter can be anyone, the gender identity does not matter at all. Face sitting is most often used for oral-genital contact, but it can also be used during dom-play. The possibilities are endless, and the act is incredibly arousing.

A new level of intimacy

Let’s be real; nothing gets more intimate than sitting on somebody’s face… that puts a whole new aspect on getting “close and personal”. For some women, this is all about being vulnerable for others it is a total delight of eroticism. A lot of men think it is a total turn-on to be able to pleasure a woman this way. Watch her squirt, twitch and shake while you use your tongue to massage her private bits. Not to mention the deliciousness of her juices, which is just proof that you are doing a great job.

When she grabs your face and pushes you between her legs, she is saying that she loves the way you eat her out, and she can’t have enough. This can be an incredibly huge turn-on for many. Face sitting is the act of somebody incredibly horny and comfortable with you that the only thing that matters is her pleasure and your dirty skills.

Spicing things up

Most people are huge fans of oral, but sometimes it can get a bit repetitive. Are you searching for ways to switch things up and make them more interesting and fun? Well, how about letting your girl sit on your face? This might be where dudes with big noses finally get to find! Let her use your nose and tongue while she sits and rides you like there’s no tomorrow. By sitting on your face, she will have a lot more control and move around however she likes, while you can enjoy getting her tasty bits.

Experiment with power play

If you are a fan of BDSM or you are intrigued by it, face-sitting is a good way to start. This allows your partner to be in control of the situation while enjoying themselves to the fullest. Use bounding restraints and let them tie you up. Once you are fixed, your partner can take a seat on your face and use it however they want.

While she is using your face for her selfish desires, you get to enjoy quite a delightful view. Having the up-view of your gorgeous girl can be very alluring and exciting. If your hands are not bounded, do not hesitate to use them for additional pleasure. Massage her breasts, play with her butt, and let her do whatever she wants.

Facesitting offers a rather submissive feeling regardless of whether you are tied up or not. It is a position where you are only able to focus on your partner and their naughty needs instead of yours. The beauty of that comes from having her vagina smushed on your face. Enjoy the smell, the noises, the taste, and everything else that comes along with face sitting!

It is not for everyone… and that’s ok!

In case you’ve never tried face sitting, don’t knock it. You never know whether you might love the experience or not, but it does not hurt to try. Of course, both you and your partner have to be on the same page to be able to enjoy the facesitting experience. However, keep your mind open. It is completely natural to love the whole process as well as to dislike it. Let’s not forget that we are all different; everyone has different naughty tastes and things that turn them on. If you are not a fan of facesitting, there are many other things you could try instead. But if you’ve never tried letting your girl sit on your face, this is your sign to do it!