What really goes on at Killing Kittens?

As the world became a lot more open to sexual fantasies, fetishes, and kinks, a spike in sex clubs emerged. From masked sex parties to BDSM lovemaking and orgies, pick your poison. These parties are often catered to enhance the experience of men more than women. But, there are a lot of young, independent single women who when not looking for horny sex contacts in their own area are searching for fun adult parties they can attend while feeling that they are in control. This is why Killing Kittens was created.

The name comes from an old quote that states, “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.” The club was created in 2005 by Emma Sayle and has since become incredibly popular, especially among women. This is a London-based club with lots of hot sex parties, and currently, it has over 100k members. In case you’ve never heard about Killing Kittens, you are definitely missing out! If you want to know what really goes on inside these naughty parties, here is a simple overview to get your motor running. Continue reading What really goes on at Killing Kittens?

Sex Positions and Falling in Love

Have you ever given a minutes thought to how sex positions play roles on your intimacy with your partner? Probably not, most couples don’t, it is not something we plan like tomorrows dinner. Most of the time, sex is not a planned thing, we go with what feels good at the time. But, did you know that certain positions can actually help you fall in love? I bet you didn’t, I know I sure didn’t, not until recently anyway. I have been married for a very long time and my husband and I are in love, so why fix or improve on something that’s working, right? Let’s go through a few of these positions and see what we can learn together. Continue reading Sex Positions and Falling in Love

Alisha’s Empowerment

My name is Alisha and I’ve been single for over three years now.  The reason for this is quite simple.  I don’t want to be controlled by anyone anymore, and I don’t want to even have to consider another adult in the decisions I make for myself on a day to day basis.  Some might find this a little selfish, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m having a great time and I don’t require much at all.

The only thing I do require from a man and the only thing I really want and desire is sex.  However, this little problem is easily solved now that I’ve joined a UK sex contacts website.  Since I joined this site I’ve had all the sex I want, when I want, with none of the ties that usually come with it.  There’s nothing worse than getting off with someone in a club at the end of the night and then doing something you’d rather not because you’re drunk.  Then you wake the next day and just want to make it all disappear, only you can’t because they know your number or where you live.  This doesn’t happen to me anymore.  When I go out, I go out with my friends and I’m no longer interested in getting chatted up, or even meeting new men.

I have sex partners you see, and I can call on them whenever I need them.  This is because I have more than one; I won’t go into how many I have because you might judge me as a little promiscuous!  Suffice to say that I never go without when I want a bit of action.  The guys I call aren’t always available however, and you must understand that if you’re going to get into UK sex contacts you must realise that the guys you meet will also have other women they see on a regular basis.  If you’re not the jealous type then this shouldn’t bother you at all.  Just make sure you always practice safe sex; you never know who isn’t these days and if you have multiple sex partners you need to think long and hard about how you behave.

Now when I’ve had a hard day at work I can come home, pour myself a glass of wine and call on one of my guys to see if he wants to meet somewhere for sex.  It’s very straightforward.  Sometime I meet in a hotel (this is usually for new guys who I don’t know so well), but sometimes I invite them back to my place or I go to theirs.  I can do this safely because I know them very well; I’ve been using this service for a long time.

If you’ve ever considered putting men in their place and using them entirely for sex then join a UK sex contacts website and get yourself involved.  It’s easy and once you get going you’ll make some very valuable and very sexy new friends.