How to make a woman squirt

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Our bodies are created for many things, and some of them are quite naughty. Squirting, also known as female ejaculation, is one of them. This might sound odd to some of you, but women can also ejaculate! This topic is often seen as controversial, but it is completely natural and a part of a pleasurable experience. If you want to make your partner squirt, here are a couple of things you should know.

What is squirting?

This is a term used to describe female ejaculation. During sexual stimulation or orgasm, the vulva can emit liquid from the urethra, and that is called squirting. This is not the same as being wet, as the liquid released is watery, colorless, and usually odorless. The liquid that is released is a mix of prostatic secretions and urine. There is still an ongoing debate about what the liquid actually is, but the components are similar to the ones found in urine and semen.

Squirting can bring a lot of pleasure for vulva owners! However, there is not enough scientific research done to know whether all women are able to squirt. But, you can learn how to make a girl squirt by asking girls that squirt on . In research done, it was shown that from 10% to 50% of women experience a form of ejaculation. It is believed that with the right technique, all women should be able to squirt.

Have realistic expectations

When it comes to squirting, there are high expectations from the male population. This is because squirting has become a known fetish throughout pornographic scenes. Not all female ejaculations will look the same. In addition, a lot of women are not able to squirt, and that should not be seen as something shameful or something every woman needs to do.

However, there are some things you could try to help make your partner squirt. But keep your expectations realistic, and do not be surprised if she is unable to squirt. That is completely normal! Not to mention that squirting does not feel good for everyone.

Do you have the right mindset?

First, you need to get into the right mindset and mood. Without making your partner feel good, you cannot expect her to reach an orgasm. Squirting involves release, and she needs to be relaxed. So the key here is to make your partner comfortable, do the things she loves, things that make her feel good. Your partner needs to feel safe so she can relax to the fullest. This includes both her body and mind!

Having the right mindset also means that you should not pressure her into having to squirt. As was mentioned, not every woman is able to do it, and some of them do not like the feeling.

Foreplay is important

In order for your partner to squirt, she needs to be fully aroused. There is no such thing as rushing the squirting process! Thus, it is time to take your foreplay to the next level. Help your partner relax and feel good with gingering, oral, and using different kinds of toys. Penetration is also a good idea, but that is not necessary to make your partner squirt.

When she is aroused, she will naturally get wet. The clitoris and labia will swell up and get darker, and every part of her body will become a lot more sensitive. This is the heightened state of arousal that can lead to squirting.

G-spot stimulation

It all really comes down to everyone’s personal preference. What makes your partner feel good? Some women enjoy g-spot stimulation, and this is usually what makes them squirt a lot. Once your partner is properly aroused, you can provide her with manual stimulation. Use your fingers, toys, or your penis, to provide internal stimulation. Finding her G-spot should not be difficult, as it is located on the front wall of the vagina, about 1.5 to 3 inches inside. Of course, every woman is different!

Do not hesitate to experiment with different toys. Does she enjoy certain vibrations or shapes of her toys? Well, some sex toys are even designed for g-spot stimulation, and a lot of them provide clitoral pleasure as well. Do not hesitate to try out different vibrations, clit suckers, and others.

Lube is your friend!

Even if your woman is completely wet, using lubricant can just add to the fun. However, make sure to get appropriate lubricant because certain lubes are not meant for vaginal intercourse. You could also consider female arousal gels, which are designed to make her private parts a lot more sensitive!

It is going to get messy.

One thing you need to understand is that squirting will get messy. There are no exceptions! If you are not open to getting a little bit messy, maybe you should not try to make your woman squirt. However, if that is exactly what you want, preparing for the act is a good idea. You could get a sex blanket that is specifically designed to make sex a lot less messy, as it gathers all sexual fluids.

Try these positions:

  • On her back – squirting takes time and different stimulations. If she lays on her back, it will give you easier access to her genitals, and thus you can easily provide stimulation.
  • Standing – some women cum easier when they are standing upright, but this all depends. She should try standing against a wall, with her legs spread wide, so you can access her genitals. She can sit on your shoulders for support.
  • Switch it up – sometimes, any position will work! Ask your partner what kind of a position she prefers. Some women are able to squirt in all kinds of positions as long as they receive the right kind of stimulation.

The bottom line…

Squirting can often increase intimacy and bonding, and it can lead to a lot of intense pleasures. But keep in mind that squirting does not come easy for every woman. Some women squirting comes easy, in fact every time they orgasm they squirt. and There should be no pressure when it comes to squirting, and make sure that you are patient with your partner. If she is unable to squirt, do not make a big deal out of it, and try again next time! Make her feel relaxed, comfortable, and stimulated, and sooner or later, she will definitely squirt all over you.