The new boy looking for horny sex contacts in the UK

There is absolutely nothing there to stop you having a good time sexually.  There, it’s time someone said it.  If you’re in a loveless marriage then get out of it and have some fun, you only live once you know and there are so many other things to enjoy.  I offer this advice to you because I’ve suffered at the hands of fate and have since realised that I need to have a lot more fun than I was having.  My wife of 15 years left me last year and to be perfectly honest I think it’s the best things she’s ever done for me.  I didn’t do anything wrong apparently, we just drifted apart.  I can see what she means actually, and I’m so glad she made the move.  We speak often and get along very well as friends now.

I’m quite a sexual person and I have to admit if there was anything I missed about my marriage it was the sex.  My wife was always pretty good in this department and I never had any reason to complain, however, since I’ve been single I’ve never had so much fun.  I joined a UK sex contacts website to meet other people like me and to basically see what it was all about.  I’ve never joined anything like this before; in fact I don’t think I’ve ever joined anything before to be perfectly honest!

This sex contacts site opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.  At first I thought it would be populated primarily with hookers trying to charge me for sex once I meet them, but it really isn’t.  I never dreamed there would be so many women out there looking for casual sex; I thought this was a man’s game to be honest.

The first woman I met was in her 40s and she was so hot I couldn’t believe my luck.  When I was single before I’d have been lucky if a woman like this had even looked at me; I mean, to me this woman was grade A and I actually didn’t expect her to go through with it.  However, it turned out that she really went for my type.  I suppose I never had the confidence to realise that I was someone’s type, and if that certain someone happened to be very hot indeed then it’s all good.  There is no accounting for taste, so they say.  Suffice to say she was certainly my type!

We met in the lobby of a hotel in the city and decided to have a couple of drinks.  She never even mentioned the sex part of it during our drinks, and I don’t think at that time she really realised I was a first timer at this.  When we finished our drinks she simply stood and said: “shall we go to the room now?”  in such a matter of fact way that it shocked me.  It was then that she realised how new I was to the whole sex contacts business.  She was very good about it all and explained how things happen usually.  I had a fantastic time and have since seen her probably 15 times now.

Sex contact swingers find a home

My husband and I used to be swingers in the last town we lived in.  We were always around another friends house with a group of like minded swingers having a hell of a time.  Dogging was never for us.  All that out in the fresh air nonsense is totally unnecessary when you can go to someone’s house where it’s nice and warm.  We have since moved house and we’ve been forced to go through other avenues to set something up again.

Once I’d got the internet set up again in the new house, when my husband was out at work I figured I’d surprise him by trying to set something up as soon as possible.  I found this UK sex contacts site and found a number of other swingers in the area.  I even found a swinger party on that evening and was formally invited to come along and bring my husband.  It turned out that it was only just a few streets away, so I accepted the invitation and got myself ready for my husband when he came home from work.

When I answered the door to him I had on a tiny black, lacy dress, some hold up stockings and pair of stripper heels that he loved.

“Is my luck in?” He asked

“More than you know,” I replied, “now get yourself ready quickly, we’re going out.”

“Where too?” he asked

I waved him away, as I often do when I get in one of my dominating moods and as soon as he was ready we got a cab to the place a few streets away.  The cab driver was very interested in my stocking tops and I could see that this was already turning my husband on.  When we arrived I could see that it was quite a big house, and I could see people going in the front door.  Some of them had bottles of wine with them.  It looked like a dinner party more than anything else.

“Why the hell are we?” Asked my man, a little confused.

“We’re at a party, we’ve been invited,” I said excitedly

“But we hardly know anyone!” He protested.

“Wait and see,” I said, as I led him up the path.

We were greeted by a man at the door who checked me out really well before we were let in.  I think by this time my husband was beginning to realise what sort of a place we’d come to, simply because we’d been to them before.  Sure enough, when we entered the whole place was becoming a little more like an orgy.  People had started to take off their clothes and there were already a few naughty sex acts going on in the corner of the room here and there, and people walking off to other areas of the house hand in hand.  I turned to my husband and smiled.

“Happy now?”  I asked with a smile, “surprise!”

“Yes I am,” he said, “let’s have a look around.”

My encounter with the nurse

This is an awesome little tale about the latest fun I had through the UK sex contacts network.  There are loads of guys and girls looking for casual no strings sex out there and you just need to know where to go to find them.  Don’t be put off or think that it’s all a scam because it most certainly isn’t; once you get involved in this thing you won’t want to get out of it, you meet some seriously sexy people.

This is where I met Anna the nurse.  Well at least that’s what she told me she was when we first met.  I met her in a hotel bar.  I could tell who she was because I’d seen her online first and chatted a little.  Not only that, but she was standing at the bar dressed in her nurses uniform.  Now let’s get this straight, this wasn’t a sex uniform, this was a real nurses uniform, because as far as I knew she was actually a nurse.

One thing led to another and the conversation quickly went upstairs where she pushed me onto the bed and did a little strip for me.  She lifted off her uniform and stood there in a pair of stockings, suspenders, with a tiny bra and panties.  She looked awesome.  However, it didn’t end there.  Then she decided she needed to give me a little check up.  She took off my clothes, took a stethoscope out of her bag and one of those devices to measure blood pressure.  There I was laying there in nothing but my shorts, with a massive hard on, and this nurse giving me the once over observations in her underwear.  I’ve never seen or experienced anything quite like it.  It was going to be fun having sex dates with a nurse.

This is where it gets really rather strange however.  It wasn’t until four sex dates in the relationship that this nurse revealed to me that she wasn’t a nurse at all, she just pretended to be for the purposes of sex.  This was so hot.  I actually think she thought I’d be put off or something because she was so apologetic when she told me.  Why on earth would I be concerned about something as sexy as that, isn’t this every man’s fantasy, to be examined by a nurse in her underwear and then get fucked by her?

This was my first experience of real roleplay and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  Now we take it even further.  I sometimes pretend to be passed in my flat.  I leave the door open and she walks by and notices me on the floor.  Then she comes in and does the business to revive me; if you know what I mean.  It has back fired on me before however, when my elderly neighbour came in and saw me on the floor pretending.  When she stood over me I almost grabbed her.

Messing about in public

This is all about a fantasy of mine.  My name is Gloria and I’ve been using the UK sex contacts online for a couple of years now, but in this little story I want to tell you about how I first used the website to fulfil one of my lifetime fantasies.

Now, I’m no spring chicken, I’m 45 years old and I’m recently divorced.  This has nothing to do with my sex dating by the way; it has more to do with a husband who considered fucking hookers to be part of our agreement when we took our marriage vows.  Well this housewife wasn’t having any more of it, I took him for a tidy penny and now I use it to go out and about and meet hot guys who want to screw me.  Whoever said you can be too old for sex was an idiot; I’ll tell you this, if you start playing around with new men later in your life you’ll find that the sex is even more intense and satisfying.

So I’m not short of a penny or two.  What do you think this allows me to do?  Shopping!  Yes!  So I go shopping “a lot” and get up to what some people would consider strange activities when I’m doing it.  You see, I usually arrange to meet one of my fuck buddies when I’m out and about, and sometimes even when I’m in a store.

My favourite place to do it when I’m out is in the fitting rooms of all my favourite shops.  I’ve done it in Next, River Island and even Marks and Spencer a time or two!  The know all the guys I meet very well now and all of them are just as into meeting and messing about in public as I am; it really is a tonic for all the cheating husband years I endured.

And none of this would be possible without using an online UK sex contacts network.  The website I found made it very easy for me to get in contact with the guys that have now become very close friends (if you know what I mean).  Everyone of them is really cool and very aware that I see other men all the time; no doubt they see other women all the time too, and quite frankly I’d rather it was this way, at least everyone is happy and having fun, everyone is open and honest, and no-one gets too possessive of anyone else.  This is the way it should be and I intend to continue my internet sex contacts relationship for as long as my years are good to me; I think this could be a long time yet!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, dogging all the way!

This is a bit of a seasonal tale.  When I went to a new dogging spot a few months ago I met a group of people who introduced me to something pretty new.  I hadn’t heard of sex contact websites before.  I knew there were dogging sites out there, some better than others, but I’d never met anyone who’d used one.  This group of people had been on this website and all met up because of their interest in dogging.  It was great for them because none of them wanted to go to a dogging spot on their own so they made a little event out of it and went along mob handed.

You’d think that a large group like this (about 8 of them) would put off the doggers in the local spots wouldn’t you?  Well it didn’t, it just got everyone going all the more.  The first night they turned up they got a lot of interest and a hell of a lot of action.  I had a really good time with two of the girls in the group.  I drive a transit van you see, and this makes me very popular when the weather isn’t so great; it’s all good and well doing the business against a tree in the middle of summer but when the weather starts to change you simply can’t drop your trousers out there!

It’s been a blast meeting these newcomers because they have some pretty good ideas.  They’ve been organising a Christmas Eve special event where we all meet up in the regular spot, only they’re bringing some patio heaters with them, and a load of blankets to turn it into a massive all nighter!  It’s going to be a Christmas to remember I’m sure; I can’t wait.  I can imagine it now, all of us huddled under patio heaters with blankets around us doing all manner of filthy and depraved activities!  This is what makes dogging an excellent hobby; the fact that people can improvise and overcome any potential difficulties makes it all the more fun to attend.  It wouldn’t be the same if we went to someone’s house to get it on with each other; you’d lose the anonymity and wouldn’t allow for other new faces to join you.  This particular group of doggers are quite open about new members and we frequently try to recruit new talent as old friends move on to other things.

So if you’re looking for something new to do this Christmas don’t hesitate to get involved in a bit of dogging, it’s wonderful and you get to meet a lot of new people.  Or perhaps you might be interested in joining one of these sex contact sites too, that will be sure to put you onto some great people, and plenty of them will be doggers too!

It’s a dogger’s life

I’ve been dogging for years now, and long before it all became hyped up and popularised by the internet.  If you people out there think that this is a scene that’s just started up then you better think again.  People have been meeting up for clandestine sex sessions for centuries; we most certainly are not the first.

When I first started out I had a Ford Capri and it was considered really cool at the time.  I used to take some of my girlfriends dogging with me and most of them were really into it.  It depends on where you go to be perfectly honest.  It’s good to get a good idea of the places around you locally, but you shouldn’t neglect the places a little further afield either; some of the places outside your home town allow you to be a little bit more wild if you know what I mean; simply because you’re not bound to bump into someone you’ve been with the night before in the street the next day!

I’ve taken on the internet generation however, and now I’m also registered with some UK sex contacts sites on there.  I was approached by a woman a while ago who was interested in dogging, and she could see by my profile that I was an expert on the subject.  The short version of the story is that she wanted to experience it, behind her husband’s back, and needed a bloke to take her with him one night, just so she could see what it was all about.  Who was I to refuse such an offer?  This sounded amazing.

She was very trusting, and I only chatted with her briefly online before she agreed to meet me in a car park in the next town to pick her up.  I’d checked out her pictures and she looked pretty hot for an older woman; personally, being quite old myself I usually go for the younger chicks if you know what I mean (see if I’ve still got it!)  She was tall with blonde hair and a fit figure.  She was certainly dressed to impress.  She was standing at the side of the car park in a mini skirt and I could clearly see she was wearing hold up stockings.  What a look she had going.  I’m surprised she didn’t get picked up for being a street walker!

She hopped in the car and I drove a few miles out the town to a local dogging spot where I was quite well known and everyone was very friendly.  I’d tell you where but it’s getting quite crowded there already; only so much to go around, you know what I mean?  When she got out of the car everyone was interested in her straight away.  New faces always did well for the first few weeks dogging.  She was made up with the night she had and she had plenty of action!  I’ve agreed to take her again in a few weeks time when she can get away; I’ve been chatting to her online and she’s really keen.  I hope so because I haven’t even had her myself yet!

UK Sex contacts: A Way of Life

It’s not all about meeting new people when you begin sex contacts.  When I joined up and started looking for sex contacts I slept with a lot of people, but now I only meet up with two.  This is enough for me and I don’t need any more than that.  Many people want to have as many as possible, but to me this defies the objective of the website.  You can be on there all the time if you like, seeing as many people as you can, but if you do this you might end up with a lot of first night unrewarding experiences.

I find that once I’ve found someone, I try to hang onto him as long as possible simply because I know that once he gets to know my body and what I like, the sex will be fantastic; I’ve never been wrong yet.  Those first time nervous sessions are rarely revelatory to me these days so I’d much rather just do them and get them out of the way.  This is why I often go for a nice person who I can get to know as well as screw.

Now, this does tend to freak out a few men I’ve met in the past and that’s why it’s taken me so long to find these two dependable guys I have.  I have them pretty much on tap when I want them and I love this feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, I know they came from a sex contacts website and you simply have to accept the fact that these guys will never be faithful to you or anyone else; but then that’s not what you want is it?  Otherwise you’d be on a regular dating site wouldn’t you?

The important part for me is getting the sex right.  I’ve had other lovers through the sex contacts that just haven’t been able to do it how I like it, and to be honest, I’ve been brutally honest with them.  I don’t believe in just not calling someone again and not telling them why; and in one particular case I had a guy come back to me for a one off to prove to me that he’d improved his technique.  He certainly had, let me tell you.  Sadly there wasn’t a space for him in my life at the time.

I like to keep them fresh however, so I do change them around a little now and again; but I will never be having sex with more than two guys at the same time, it’s just too much trouble trying to keep up.  They get dumped for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s because they become a little demanding and want to see me more often than I do them.  This is irritating and not what sex contacts should be like.  It’s a way of life for me and a big part of my social activity.

Fancy a bit of roleplay?

I met this guy through the internet called Joe, and to be honest with you I’ve been having the greatest sex of my life with him.  I met him through a UK sex contacts site actually; something I’ve never even contemplated before.  I shocked myself when I joined.  It was really easy, in fact perhaps a little too easy.

My first thoughts about the whole thing were that I might get a real weirdo stalking me or something.  However, the first guy I met was Joe and I haven’t even bothered looking for anyone else.  The way I figure it is that if I kept pushing my luck by getting other guys through the website, eventually I’d hit a weirdo; I’ve been stung this way before you see, although not through a website.  I have a habit of attracting nutters.  I know it’s irrational, and I’ve never heard any horror stories connected with the sex contacts; I suppose I’m just happy with the guy I’ve got.

I’ll tell you a little about him.  You already know his name, but get a load of this.  He is around 6ft 4inches tall, slim and muscular, with slightly greying, short dark hair.  He reminds me of a tall version of George Clooney or something.  In actual fact I was surprised that a guy like Joe was on a website like this in the first place.  Apparently he can’t get enough of sex and he’s tired of going out looking for girls all the time, he’d much rather find a few on a website where he knows he’s getting sex guaranteed!

I don’t mind the fact that he sees other women, and I haven’t told him that I’m satisfied with just him, it might flatter his ego a little too much.  I don’t have a problem with him having sex with others, it’s not like I own him or anything; in fact it makes it much more interesting.

Our favourite thing is roleplay.  When we meet we often pretend we’ve never met, or I sometimes pretend to be a doctor who is going to visit a patient privately.  This is awesome, and because we don’t see each other very regularly it works really well.  I always make sure I’ve got a different outfit on when I meet him, and this way he sometimes struggle to pick me out in a crowded bar when he walks in.  The roleplay extends to the bedroom and the doctor thing works really well here.  I start giving him an examination and insist on examining him you know where.  Well I’m sure you can tell where it goes from there can’t you?  Do I really need to go into graphic detail?  I don’t think so.

There really isn’t anything better for you if you just want casual, no strings sex.  A sex contacts site is a definite winner for everyone involved!  Just practice safe sex all the time.

Crazy Kate the sex contact

I cannot stress this enough at the beginning of this little story; this is not a load of shite devised just to get you interested.  I actually did this and I am recommending UK sex contacts because it is seriously one of the best websites in the world!

I met this girl called Kate through the sex contacts and she is as wild as a crazy badger man!  I’ve had sex with her so many times in so many different places that I’m finding it hard to keep up.  If she does the same with the other guys she screws then she must have some energy I’ll tell you that.

When you first join up with this site you get the impression that all the UK sex contacts you’re likely to meet are quite reserved and private about what they do and they do it secretly and in secret places etc.  This is not true all the time, believe me!  Kate is fucking crazy and she’ll do anything once.  The first time I met her was at a bus stop of all places outside the place I was supposed to meet her.

She grabbed me by the arm before I could go into the bar and dragged me onto a bus.  We chatted a little, she explained to me that she didn’t have any money and didn’t want to go drinking anyway, so she thought it would be nice to go for a walk.  Considering it was November and it was 8.00pm I thought this was a little mad to be honest, and when I realised where we were heading it confirmed my suspicions that this girl was as mad as a hatter!

We got off the bus at the woods and she ran off into the darkness calling for me to follow her.  I was a little more than turned on to tell you the truth.  This was simply because I knew how dirty this girl could be from the conversations I’d had with her online.  However there was a little bit of something in the back of my mind thinking ‘what if she has arranged for someone to rob me when I go in there?’

I paid it no mind when I remembered that she was wearing a little skirt and no tights.  I imagined running my hands up those naked legs.  When I walked into the darkness I entered the wood and before too long came to a small clearing where the moon could just about shine through the trees.  There she was as naked as the day she was born, bending over a tree stump telling me to take her from behind.  What a girl!

I have to say to cut this short a little, this is how it is most of the time with Kate; she is absolutely mad and when she wants to screw she simply drags me off somewhere bizarre and we do it.  Thank heaven for the sex contacts!

Coffee shop shenanigans

I had the best experience I’ve ever had in a coffee shop the other day and I simply had to share it with the world, or at least everyone into the same kind of things as me.  There was this girl I met on the internet and she agreed to meet me for sex.  It’s a UK sex contacts site, so there’s no weird stuff going on here, we both know what the score is.

Her  name was Isabelle and she was so hot!  I’d been looking at her profile for weeks online, imagining that she had a whole entourage of fuck buddies lining up around the corner to get into her panties, but apparently she didn’t.  She told me that she didn’t get much interest at all.  I was very surprised to hear this and still half believe she may have been lying to put me at ease.  Perhaps it’s one of those situations where you get the really attractive girl who no-one will contact because they think she’s unattainable; who knows?  (If you want my advice, from here on don’t hesitate, just ask them).

She walked into the coffee shop in my hometown and sat down in front of me.  She smiled and I honestly didn’t know what to do back to her.  I’d never used a sex contacts site before and all I could think about was how well I was going to perform later on that day or whenever it was that we were actually going to do it.  She could tell I was nervous and relaxed me a little by making a joke or two and ordering the drinks.  “We are going to have a drink first aren’t we?” She joked.  This was kind of nice because it affirmed the fact that we were indeed going to screw later on.  I couldn’t help feeling very aroused.  I looked her up and down and checked out her body.  She looked tremendous.

“Calm yourself,” she laughed, as she caught me looking.

“Erm…, yes, you’re right.  You see it’s…,” I stuttered

“You’re first time with a sex contact?”  She interrupted, “I had guessed as much.”

“I need to go to the toilet, excuse me,” I said as I walked off, very embarrassed indeed.

I entered the tiny little toilet at the back of the shop, around the corner from the main drinking area, and no sooner had I got the old chap in my hand, I heard a knock at the door.

“Open up, it’s me,” came Isabelle’s voice.

I opened the door and she slipped inside very quickly.  She looked into my eyes and smiled, before dropping to her knees and giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had in my life.

“That should relax you a little more,” she said as she stood up, wiped her mouth and opened the door.

When I got back to the table we simply finished our drinks and went around the corner to a local hotel for the afternoon.  What a day that was!