Role Playing Sex Ideas

If role playing sex is something you are interested in, then chances are, a good deal of the following things may be on your list already. But for those of us that haven’t really ever given it much forethought, then maybe this will give you some ideas of things that may make your sex life with your partner a little more interesting. Never hurts to think about it, right? Continue reading Role Playing Sex Ideas

My encounter with the nurse

This is an awesome little tale about the latest fun I had through the UK sex contacts network.  There are loads of guys and girls looking for casual no strings sex out there and you just need to know where to go to find them.  Don’t be put off or think that it’s all a scam because it most certainly isn’t; once you get involved in this thing you won’t want to get out of it, you meet some seriously sexy people.

This is where I met Anna the nurse.  Well at least that’s what she told me she was when we first met.  I met her in a hotel bar.  I could tell who she was because I’d seen her online first and chatted a little.  Not only that, but she was standing at the bar dressed in her nurses uniform.  Now let’s get this straight, this wasn’t a sex uniform, this was a real nurses uniform, because as far as I knew she was actually a nurse.

One thing led to another and the conversation quickly went upstairs where she pushed me onto the bed and did a little strip for me.  She lifted off her uniform and stood there in a pair of stockings, suspenders, with a tiny bra and panties.  She looked awesome.  However, it didn’t end there.  Then she decided she needed to give me a little check up.  She took off my clothes, took a stethoscope out of her bag and one of those devices to measure blood pressure.  There I was laying there in nothing but my shorts, with a massive hard on, and this nurse giving me the once over observations in her underwear.  I’ve never seen or experienced anything quite like it.  It was going to be fun having sex dates with a nurse.

This is where it gets really rather strange however.  It wasn’t until four sex dates in the relationship that this nurse revealed to me that she wasn’t a nurse at all, she just pretended to be for the purposes of sex.  This was so hot.  I actually think she thought I’d be put off or something because she was so apologetic when she told me.  Why on earth would I be concerned about something as sexy as that, isn’t this every man’s fantasy, to be examined by a nurse in her underwear and then get fucked by her?

This was my first experience of real roleplay and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  Now we take it even further.  I sometimes pretend to be passed in my flat.  I leave the door open and she walks by and notices me on the floor.  Then she comes in and does the business to revive me; if you know what I mean.  It has back fired on me before however, when my elderly neighbour came in and saw me on the floor pretending.  When she stood over me I almost grabbed her.

Fancy a bit of roleplay?

I met this guy through the internet called Joe, and to be honest with you I’ve been having the greatest sex of my life with him.  I met him through a UK sex contacts site actually; something I’ve never even contemplated before.  I shocked myself when I joined.  It was really easy, in fact perhaps a little too easy.

My first thoughts about the whole thing were that I might get a real weirdo stalking me or something.  However, the first guy I met was Joe and I haven’t even bothered looking for anyone else.  The way I figure it is that if I kept pushing my luck by getting other guys through the website, eventually I’d hit a weirdo; I’ve been stung this way before you see, although not through a website.  I have a habit of attracting nutters.  I know it’s irrational, and I’ve never heard any horror stories connected with the sex contacts; I suppose I’m just happy with the guy I’ve got.

I’ll tell you a little about him.  You already know his name, but get a load of this.  He is around 6ft 4inches tall, slim and muscular, with slightly greying, short dark hair.  He reminds me of a tall version of George Clooney or something.  In actual fact I was surprised that a guy like Joe was on a website like this in the first place.  Apparently he can’t get enough of sex and he’s tired of going out looking for girls all the time, he’d much rather find a few on a website where he knows he’s getting sex guaranteed!

I don’t mind the fact that he sees other women, and I haven’t told him that I’m satisfied with just him, it might flatter his ego a little too much.  I don’t have a problem with him having sex with others, it’s not like I own him or anything; in fact it makes it much more interesting.

Our favourite thing is roleplay.  When we meet we often pretend we’ve never met, or I sometimes pretend to be a doctor who is going to visit a patient privately.  This is awesome, and because we don’t see each other very regularly it works really well.  I always make sure I’ve got a different outfit on when I meet him, and this way he sometimes struggle to pick me out in a crowded bar when he walks in.  The roleplay extends to the bedroom and the doctor thing works really well here.  I start giving him an examination and insist on examining him you know where.  Well I’m sure you can tell where it goes from there can’t you?  Do I really need to go into graphic detail?  I don’t think so.

There really isn’t anything better for you if you just want casual, no strings sex.  A sex contacts site is a definite winner for everyone involved!  Just practice safe sex all the time.