Role Playing Sex Ideas

If role playing sex is something you are interested in, then chances are, a good deal of the following things may be on your list already. But for those of us that haven’t really ever given it much forethought, then maybe this will give you some ideas of things that may make your sex life with your partner a little more interesting. Never hurts to think about it, right?

You are a Cop

You are a cop and you are showing up on a call and she is doing her best to get out of trouble. You have been there a few times for the noise of her music that just keeps getting her in trouble. She is willing to do anything to keep from getting a ticket.


Your little sister is having a sleepover for her friends before going off to college and you have had your eyes on her best friend for a couple of years. You somehow coax her away from the group and make a plan for her to come to your room after everyone is fast asleep.


You are horny for your college professor and have been trying to figure out how to get her to pay attention to you. You decide to be a very bad boy so she has to take you out to the hall and give you a lecture, but you make it up to her in your own little way.


She is your parents maid and you are trying to make messes to get her to come into your room so that you can have your way with her to keep her from telling your parents how nasty your room is every day.

Best Friends Wife

You show up at your best friend’s house to go on a weekend trip but he isn’t at home from work yet. He called and said he’d be a few hours, so you seduce his wife while he is running late, because you know this is a habit with him and she must be lonely and bored.


You are a photographer and she needs some head shots done for her modeling gig and she doesn’t have the money to pay for them. Seduce her and take the task out in trade so that she gets what she wants and you get the best of all the worlds. You get to take pics and seduce her all at the same time.


You are teenagers that are having to be very quiet because your parents are sleeping in the next room and you know they would never tolerate such a thing under their roof.


You are a male stripper and you are sent over to perform for her. She is to be married to your best friend and you have a secret plan to seduce her after you have teased her with your lapdance.

Badboy Biker

You are a badboy biker and you broke down and you needs to cool off for a little while, so you knock and ask for a glass of cold water. The water isn’t the only thing you want, because you have had your eyes on her for a long time.

Wedding Night

You know she is a virgin on your wedding night so you have to be very tender with her and let her know you know it’s her first time so you seduce her.

These are just a few of your basic everyday role playing games to get your mind going. Try and mix them up a little and make it more interesting. She is likely going to be welcoming of this, so ask her to come up with her own fantasies and play them out between the two of you. There isn’t anything at all wrong with role playing, in fact, it can be very passionate and intimate, depending on the games you play. Not everyone has to be the same thing or same person every night.

Google role playing games for adults and see what other ideas you can come up with. This is the lovely thing about the internet now, you can Google anything on earth and most likely come up with a million responses that you can wade through to get to the ones you like the best. Keep your marriage or relationship seductive and fun. Hell, you can even be Daisy and Donald Duck to really make it colorful, no one says it has to be so serious and romantic. Use the tools you have to use to make both of you happy.

I have heard from others how they mix it up and go dark, Gothic, Prince and Princess, the list is endless when it comes to the games you can play with one another in the sack. Talk to others, find online communities, whatever you have to do, just be creative and have the most fun you can have. Sex isn’t just a one note thing. I mean you may love candy, but you aren’t going to eat the exact same candy every single day. Treat sex the same way, there are a million ways to have fun with it, and maybe you just need some new ideas. And no, you are never too old to have fun in bed, this game can be played by anyone from 18 – 100, or even more if you live that damn long, right? Sex is a timeless thing that you are never too old for.



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