How to eat your girlfriend’s pussy

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Every woman deserves to be eaten out by her partner. You can never be too old to learn how to properly provide pleasure to your beautiful partner. If you are not that confident in your oral capabilities, this article will help! It all really comes down to knowing the anatomy of your girl’s vagina and knowing when and how to use your tongue. If you want to eat someone out really well, here is a list of things you should know!

Anatomy is important…

How much do you know about the anatomy of the vagina? If you do not know what is where… that is where you should start! This is not something all schools teach their students, so there is a chance that you might know all of the essential parts of the vagina. It is important to know where her clitoral hood, clitoris, labia, and vagina are. There are three holes down there, and you need to be sure that you are focusing on the right one while pleasing the external bits as well.

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