What is a Happy Ending Massage?

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Have you ever heard about a “happy ending” in a context you do not understand? Well, this can have many meanings. But when it is used to explain a massage or any physical contact, it often has a sexual meaning. The best kinds of massages are the ones that have a happy ending. Whether you are visiting a certain salon that offers these kinds of services or your partner has just offered you a sexy massage, get ready for a fun ride. Happy ending massages are popular and for a good reason. Here are some things you might want to know!

Definition of “Happy Ending”

A massage that has a happy ending is the type of massage that ends with an orgasm, hence the name. These massages are oriented in Asian countries, such as Japan, but they’ve now become popular in many other places. However, in some countries, having a happy ending massage is illegal, while in others, it is incredibly common but also a bit taboo.

Erotic massages have existed for countries. But the term “happy ending massage” is not that old. Research shows that the first time this term was used was in 1999, in the Australian newspaper when it tried to label a massage that involves a sexual act. Later on, this term became widely known as a massage that ends with an orgasm.

Relaxation on a different level

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Massages are designed to relax our bodies and give us release from stress and tension. When we let go of these negative things, certain changes happen in our bodies. This can include an increase in blood flow, which may cause an erection. The happy-ending massage offers the same kind of benefits as a regular massage. It helps you relax your muscles, get rid of stress, and it can even help with soreness. When done by your partner, it can release bonding hormones and thus help with intimacy. There are many benefits to receiving a massage in general, but one that is not often mentioned is that it can help couples feel closer. It can also provide your partner with toe-curling orgasms!

Benefits of ‘happy ending’ massages

While this type of massage aims to make you feel good, that is not the only benefit you get from it. As it was mentioned, this is still a massage, so it is designed to provide all the benefits of a regular massage. Aside from helping you feel more vital, a massage with a happy ending can awaken your sexual energy, purify the body, and release blockages. Oftentimes, it can help with certain sexual dysfunctionalities, and it can even improve your libido.

A happy-ending massage can provide:

  • Emotional healing! While this type of massage will provide wonderful physical attributes, it can also help with emotional healing. Learn how to enjoy pleasure and improve your self-esteem through a massage that leads to better overall happiness.
  • A stress-less experience! It is no secret that massages can help us relieve stress. Whether you have a lot of built-up stress from college, work, or just your everyday life, this kind of massage can help improve your stability and improve your pleasure experiences.
  • Improved immune system. Did you know that any kind of massage could technically help improve your immune system function? Sensual massages have been shown to lower blood pressure in those with hypertension.
  • Better intimacy. If your sex life has become a bit stale, you could always introduce the idea of a happy massage to your love. Going through this experience together can increase your intimacy and provide a highly satisfying experience. After all, you are bound to feel a more intense orgasm when an erotic massage is provided by your loved one, than a paid stranger!

Is the ‘happy ending massage’ for you?

The bottom line is very simple… whether you have a certain somebody to provide you with a massage that leads to a happy ending or you legally hire a gorgeous woman instead, this massage has many benefits to provide. Erotic massages are known as tantra massage therapy and can help you unwind, relax, and find inner peace. It can help boost your sexual energy and improve your sex drive, too. Are you ready to experience a remarkable internal and external transformation? Well, an erotic massage is all you really need!