Swinging could save your marriage

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Is your married life becoming stale? Maybe your sex life is not as good as it used to be. What can you do to reignite that spark in your life again? There are many things, but one that has been proven to work is swinging. There is nothing better than a bit of harmless taboo to spice up your sex life!

Having sex with somebody who is not your partner might seem a bit odd in this context, especially since swinging is usually done in front of your partner as well. But, you might be surprised to learn that in a lot of situations, swinging was able to save people’s marriages!

Talk to your spouse

If you are interested in having a swinging experience, and you think that this might help, it is time to talk to your partner. Unless both of you are on the same page, this will not work for you. Open up about your feelings and the will to go swinging. If you two are on the same page, it is time to search for a couple who will be willing to enjoy a hot swinging fest.

It is important to find a couple you will both love. This could be a challenge, but do not forget that there are many forums dedicated to swingers. If you do not know anyone in your private life who would love to go swinging, you could always check the online world for more information instead. There are tons of singles and couples who are searching for swinging partners as well.

Swinging is quite an open act

Swinging is the act of swapping your partners and fucking lots. Usually, this is done right in front of each other, but there are no direct rules to swinging. The only rules that you should follow are the ones that are brought up by anyone in the group that will be participating in the swinging fun.

The only good rule you might want to bring up is a safe word. This is a word that will be used by anyone if they found themselves in an uncomfortable situation during the whole swinging process. With that, everything will stop and the problem can be resolved! You should also include some basic cheating rules on top of the boundaries. This will make both you and your partner feel safe and more secure in your relationship.

Why do people swing?

A lot might be confused by the whole swinging extravaganza, but it is not that difficult to understand. Swinging is perfect for horny couples who want to have new experiences. This is not a fetish for everyone, but as long as both parties are on the same page, this can really help them improve their marriage. A lot of couples love to explore, and many of them will say that they are bored in the bedroom. So what better way to satisfy curiosity than to have sex with others?

Dealing with jealousy

Of course, jealousy might come into play as well. A lot of us are traditionally monogamous, and thus it could be difficult to understand that swinging has no feelings involved. Those who are not able to separate feelings and sex should definitely not go swinging. This might be a lifestyle choice or just a one-time thing, but if you are unsure or jealous of just the thought of your better half getting fucked by another person, you might want to avoid swinging and search for alternatives.


Swinging can help save your marriage, but it is not for everyone. If you are not able to deal with your feelings of it all, it is better that you do not go through with it. Make sure to have a proper talk with your spouse about the swinging experience, make your own boundaries and rules, and search for other people who are interested in swinging!