– What is it & Is It any good?

As one of the largest dogging websites in the UK, you can learn a lot from The website helps you know more about the fetish and the locations where you can enjoy the fetish personally. You’d be surprised to learn just how many naughty people in the UK love to meet up to have sex with strangers. Most of the content on is provided by real dogging lovers and participants, and the site is a great way to find dogging locations and new partners.

What is dogging?

Dogging is all about strangers meeting up in public places to have sex. You have people from all over the UK meeting in parks and some secluded areas, where they can enjoy each other’s company. However, those who are not from the UK or are just getting into this fetish might find it difficult to visit such places. Finding them in your city is not easy because you cannot really approach just anyone and ask them.

That is why was created. This site is the perfect choice for all dogging lovers who are ready to experience lots of naughty things in public with complete strangers. Of course, if you are planning to go dogging, you should read more about the etiquette and rules. Once you are familiar with the fetish, do not hesitate to try it out yourself. You might just have a blast.

Finding dogging locations in the UK is easy

With the help of, you can easily find dogging locations in the US. The website is created in order to help strangers find areas where dogging can be done. Those areas are often a bit secluded, and you get to meet lots of strangers who are just there to have sex. If you are searching for new dogging experiences, you are surely going to enjoy your stay on

The site also provides weekly video updates, where you get to see what dogging actually is. So, if you are not sure whether this fetish is something you would personally enjoy, you are welcome to explore The website provides you with all the dogging information and some videos about previous dogging experiences that were filmed by the participants.

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Lots of sexy people attend

The great thing about dogging is that you get to meet a lot of gorgeous women and handsome men. You also can expect to meet people of all legal ages, but usually, the experienced middle-aged individuals enjoy going to dogging locations. In some cases, you get to meet horny couples, who are interested in swinging, so they decide to attend dogging events, where they can have sex with random strangers.

The website has both images and videos, and it is advised that you check them out first. You can learn a lot from the content and information that provides about dogging. A lot of sexy women and handsome dudes enjoy swinging in these dogging locations, but you should only attend if you do not have a very strong preference. This is simply because you never know what type of beauty or hunk you’ll get to meet. It is good to keep an open mind.

You’ll have to register first

If you wish to have access to the locations, videos, images, and other content on the website, you need to register. Registration to will cost you if you want to enjoy some good privileges. By registering, you get to access their swinging and dogging areas. You also get access to their forum section, where you can converse with like-minded people. You can talk about anything and share your naughty experiences.

There is a section for galleries and videos as well, where you can share your content or check out what others have posted. also covers clubs and glory hole places, in case that is what you prefer. This website is all about giving people the freedom to express their naughtiness in public places with other strangers who share their naughty fetishes.

You can learn more about and its community through the forum section. So, once you register, make sure to check out that section and talk to others on the website. You are bound to meet a lot of interesting individuals.

No free features… is a paid member website, so you do not get that many free features, technically speaking. However, you do have an option to browse through the tour page as much as you’d like. The tour page does offer limited information. The free tour that you get to explore will provide some information about the dogging events, and other things that covers. You will get to see some pictures as well and overall experiences shared by the members of the website.

Make sure to check out the free movie previews that has to offer. There aren’t that many free previews, but the ones that are offered are definitely worth checking out. Without registering, you can also check out their forum and glory hole pages. You can check out their non-member threads and other kind of information. However, if you want to know what really has to offer, you have to register and pay.

Lots of great features for the members

Once you register and pay, you get to explore everything that has to offer. The main point of this website is to provide you with dogging locations where you get to meet a lot of naughty strangers. The locations that are provided are all in the UK, so keep that in mind. If you are ready to have a fun dogging adventure, it is worth registering and paying on

The locations are offered through maps, so there is no way that you will not be able to find the dogging places. You can always visit the forum section on and talk to others about the dogging experiences and what you should know beforehand. Check out the naughty dogging videos and images, and if you are into dogging, do not hesitate to take advantage of what has to offer.