How to finger a girl really, really well

File:Vaginal fingering.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Fingering is considered a very basic movie, something that everyone should know. However, no matter how much experience you might have with fingering, you could still be doing it wrong. Are you unable to make your girl orgasm just by using your fingers? Well, that means that you need to improve your techniques.

First of all, you need to understand that fingering is basic, but it is also incredibly important when it comes to foreplay. This is an important aspect of preparing your partner for intercourse. A lot of people think that fingering is all about penetration, but that is not always the case. While penetration is a part of it all, there is also a need for clitoral stimulation and other naughty things that will help your partner reach orgasm. Here are some fingering tips you might want to follow. Continue reading How to finger a girl really, really well