A guide to cuckolding

Have you ever been excited by the thought of watching your partner getting rammed by another person? Did you know that this act has a name? Today, it is referred to as the cuckold fetish, and it is all about finding a partner for your significant other, and watching them get it on. Of course, there are branches to this fetish, depending on how humiliating you want it to be.

The most traditional explanation of the cuckold fetish includes a man who will let his wife have fun with another man, right in front of him. He is then being mocked by how little the wife is interested in her husband and how much she loves the new cock. A lot of the times, this fetish is incorporated as an element of swinging or polyamory, with the main focus being on the wife’s sexual needs. A lot of cuckolding acts will involve extreme infidelity elements, with humiliation and submission, this all depends on what you personally prefer.

A great example of the perfect cuckolding experience:

Cuckold… where does that word come from?

You might be surprised to learn that the word cuckold actually comes from the cuckoo bird. The female cuckoo birds will often sneak into other birds’ nests to lay the eggs, thus making other birds take care of their eggs. As the cuckoo birds start growing faster, the adoptive bird parent will toss the smaller birds to their death, and take care of the bigger ones. The fetish title cuckold came from medieval times in a way to describe men with unfaithful wives, in reference to them raising kids that are obviously not their own. In more extreme cuckold fetish cases, people will fantasize about having their wife get impregnated by another man.

Why do people like this fetish?

Everyone has their own reason, and sometimes this is difficult to be explained. However, there are some key points that most will hit. For example, a lot of cuckolds have said that compersion is one of them. If you did not know, compersion means to get happiness from watching another person be happy, sometimes involving jealousy.

Other people are just into it for the taboo part of it. Following the social norms, we are not “supposed to” be turned on by our wife being unfaithful, so having that taboo element can turn men on quite a lot! On the other hand, some just love to explore their sexual orientation. Some men will take the cuckolding fetish as a safe space to have fun with other men, while their woman also gets satisfied.

Of course, there are the power dynamics. Wives who are getting fucked by another man will often be the dominant ones in the relationship, making their husbands watch them, and making them feel tiny. There is a fun game of power involved, and men who love to be dominated often enjoy the cuckolding fetish as well. There are many other reasons as well, such as candaulism, porn, competition, and others.

A common but hidden fetish you might enjoy!

Believe it or not, the cuckold fetish is very common. A lot of men love to watch their wives get rammed by another man, and many women have the same fantasy as well. If you’ve ever got turned on by thinking of your wife getting rammed by another individual, you might have the same fetish as well! Talk to your partner, who knows… they might have the same desires!