A guide to cuckolding

Have you ever been excited by the thought of watching your partner getting rammed by another person? Did you know that this act has a name? Today, it is referred to as the cuckold fetish, and it is all about finding a partner for your significant other, and watching them get it on. Of course, there are branches to this fetish, depending on how humiliating you want it to be.

The most traditional explanation of the cuckold fetish includes a man who will let his wife have fun with another man, right in front of him. He is then being mocked by how little the wife is interested in her husband and how much she loves the new cock. A lot of the times, this fetish is incorporated as an element of swinging or polyamory, with the main focus being on the wife’s sexual needs. A lot of cuckolding acts will involve extreme infidelity elements, with humiliation and submission, this all depends on what you personally prefer.

A great example of the perfect cuckolding experience:

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