Benefits of Sex With Grannies

Granny exhibitionist showing off her hairy pussy at a dogging meet in Cannock.

We are about to discuss something here on UK Sex Contacts that I bet most of you have never thought of but will have it in your head after we chat. These 20 something young ladies of today think they have something over on the older ladies over 60, but let me tell you, they don’t even come close. The grannies are, the majority of the time, the hottest of the 2 different sets of women. Chances are, the younger ladies that you know are most likely pretentious and all about themselves, and these days, their Instagram accounts. Grandmas, however, are more secure in their beings and they have been through menopause and have absolutely no restrictions at all, so this makes them far more confident, but not cocky. They don’t just sit on the front porch and knit anymore.

Men Do Not Care What Grannies Look Like

When men are touching women, they really don’t care what they look like. They may walk around eyeing all these younger women with lust in their eyes. But let me say this, the majority of them really do like the curves and tenderness of the female body. Of course the most immature or social conscious will not admit to this, but if they get right down to it, men actually do prefer the curvy women over stick figure dolls any day of the week. Women have as much, and maybe more, of erectile tissue as a man. It is just that all of the woman’s erectile tissue is inside, behind the labia, and not on the outside like the penis. Hers are equally as tender and equally as erotic and sexually desirous of needs as men. Taking all of this into consideration, the female has a full orgasmic ability.

If you ask your woman right now, she probably doesn’t even know this, most of the younger women do not. This is another plus for granny fucking.

He Wants to Please The Granny

Despite what some may think, men tend to want to please their women, even the younger ones, than for women to try and please their men.Most people think the ones that have to keep the partner happy is all about the women. In most cases, however, the men are the ones that feel the need and desire to please their women. Especially if this is a casual sex, friends with benefits, or one night stands, he feels like he needs to make her so happy that maybe everyone else has to compare with him, this is even more so in the sex with a granny, no one wants to leave a granny wanting more.

The women also have a good taste and most men want to go down on them, yes, even the grannies. The smell and the taste is usually the biggest turn on. A lot of grannies do not even know that this could be a good thing, or that it wasn’t a nasty ordeal. It is perfectly acceptable, of course not something you want to talk about at the family dinner, of course. But oral sex can be even more pleasing as a granny knows more how to control her own body and how to get the most out of the act of oral sex now.

Granny is Full of Kink

Men have long since, made crazy ideas for new things they want to try, or fantasies they want to carry out, and as a younger woman, this couldn’t be at a worse time, most nights. She has had a long day at work, cooking for the family, taking care of the kids, and so on, staying busy from the time she opens her eyes until the time she finally gets to sleep. However, a granny does not have these issues, none of them. She is likely retired, or at least semi, her kids are all grown up, and no one to cook dinner for or put to bed. Her nights are as free as she wants them to be. So, now is the best time to try out new fantasies, or old, and staying up late to carry them out is not a bad thing.

You need to always be willing to negotiate with one another, not everyone will want the same things in sex, so be willing and able to find what works for each of you. Just one of you will simply not work, because it will make things very awkward for the both of you. Too much kink for one should be given thought and actions. Granny is more likely to try new things than the younger ladies. Younger ladies are apt to talk or have another friend that talks and it comes out that that was the weirdest thing, where grannies don’t give a damn and they don’t care what others think or just don’t talk about it.

I guess at the end of the day, it is a thing that is a “to each his own” situation. You may or may not be turned on by grannies for vastly different reasons. If you are just not into grannies, this doesn’t make you bad, I am so certain that there are tons of other guys are and would love nothing more than to share a night of sex with a much older woman. You just do you and that is perfectly ok. But the next time it is brought up to you, make sure you keep this article in mind and don’t flip your nose up at it, grannies are some sexy, and sexually charged human beings, and maybe you just can’t keep up with them.

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