Dogging Explained

I’ve got to admit, I am not from the UK, but I’ve been picking up on some of the slang that goes with it. One of the ones that really caught my attention was “dogging“. Of course in my head, I didn’t give it a lot of thought, I just assumed it was people walking their dogs and that was the fastest way to say it. “Hey honey, I am going dogging”. But boy was my face ever red when I realized that that isn’t the meaning of the word at all. It is a slang word in the UK for public sex. I guess that kind of makes sense, but I had to go digging and doing my research on it. Let’s see if we can clear this one up so the rest of the world knows what it is.


The term dogging actually started in the 1970s, so yes you young folks, it started probably before most of you were born, so it isn’t your invention here. You were not the first to go dogging. It actually started when men would spy on couples having sex outdoors. Once he had caught them the first time, he would “dog” their every move to try and catch them having sex outside again, as often as he could possibly catch them. The same thing can also be called voyeurism and exhibitionism.


Meeting is pretty straight forward, when the sets of people meet randomly, in a club, anywhere will work. Things have evolved now where they can hook up on the internet and meet up in a public place. There are places all over the internet that can be found to get into this. But watch out, this is not legal and you can be prosecuted for public displays, which can be a pretty good size fine.

Semi Public

This is when you are in a semi public place, obviously right? But it is having sex in places that are not right smack in public, but still considered public. Maybe in your car in a parking lot. Not exactly obvious, but it is still public. You see someone and watch them is also a semi-public sexual act. It can be more exhilarating to know that what you are doing is taboo, but it is so risky that the sheer risk of it can be a massive turn on.


Public, as you can imagine, is right smack in the thick of things. In a public place like McDonald’s, in a public bathroom, on the hood of a car. Anything that is right there in the open public where they don’t have a care in the world if someone stops to watch, in fact, it, like semi-public, is an extra sort of a turn on. Just be mindful of your surroundings, we don’t want to ruin any little lives with that image stuck in their heads forever. Closed store parking lots are a great place to go full on public. You have some traffic going by, giving you the risk and excitement, but less likely to get busted.


So you have to be asking yourself if this is legal, so we will talk about that now. It became a craze and started catching the attention of BBC News in 2003, who reported it as a new craze. But what they actually did is just call more attention to it, therefore, making it catch on and spread like crazy. Having the internet sure didn’t help much. Thanks to the good old internet, it started spreading into other countries, causing them to start dogging themselves. Some countries include, The United States, Canada, Australia, Barbados, Norway, Sweden, and the list goes in and is growing more and more as more people are telling more people. The internet serves as the biggest word of mouth system in the world, don’t you agree?

There is casual sex, group sex, swinging, and any other types of sex that is picked up as to have sex without strings or commitments, just having sex and parting ways to go do something else. Whether you call it casual, dogging or whatever it is you wish to name it, having sex in places and with people that you may never see again, well, you just may want to try it sometime. Just make sure that you take into consideration as to the group of public places are situated where you can get up and move quickly. Like it or not, be turned on or not, it is illegal and you will get caught if not careful. So do what you do, have fun with what you do, just don’t get caught doing it. Most things that are that much fun have a risk of being illegal, right?