Sex Chat Then and Now

Let’s talk about how sex chat has evolved for the past 20 years or so. And since I am about to age myself, yes, I was alive and well back then and had just started chatting online. It was at a time when it was all so very new and we wondered even if we were actually talking to another human being or some bot. So of course, we asked so many stupid questions that only a human could answer. It came to a point where it was either run with it or shut it off, either way, it was your choice and you had to believe or disbelieve. I mean, it wasn’t like we were in Oz or some other fantasy thing you watched on TV. This was real, I could feel my face, my hands, and so on. So here we are, we are taking it at it’s word so let’s move on from there. Let’s go over some of the various chat tools from then to now. And, remember to take a look at my Top 5 sex chat sites.


I’d say back in about 93ish, I got one of my first Commodore Computer and I had no clue what I was going to do with it, so I tinkered with it and got to know it. Somewhere along the way, I heard about the internet, so I was off on that journey. Always being the curious one myself, I wanted to know all about it. I got all of the tools, rebuilt my computer, got me a dialup modem, which is creepy sounding to me now, and the phone lines. I was ready to go.

Here I go looking around the internet, as it was. I clicked on something that had a “Take me to some random place”. There is where it all began, I was taken to a place called The Chathouse, and I just thought I’d poke along somehow or other. I joined up, got me a username and password and I went to a “floor” called The Downstairs, and just sat there and watched. This updated realtime, and I have to say, it really freaked me out. So after a time, I decided to stick my proverbial toe in the water and get my feet wet, so I made my first post. That was it, I was hooked and was all in. The hook got me hard and I spent 24/7 in there, talking to people. I was talking to people all over the world and soon made a very dear friend who was a professor in an Australia College. I later made a friend that was a Cuban Chef in Florida, a Governor in Arkansas, and a couple of Philippine guys from Manila.

There were programs like Powwow and ICQ, which some of you are familiar with, but we could use these to chat one on one or in groups, and weed out some of that group chat in the chat rooms, which still exist, but most of us moved on to these two.

Skip to 1999

After a few years and a few changes in my life that were life altering due to the internet, I found myself in 1999 and I watched a video on TV that talked about making money online, so I am off to that new toy I had just learned about, and I started off with my head first and never gave it anymore thought. I found myself trying to learn how to market, teaching myself everything I knew, taking it all in. Guess what I found, the Bulletin Board System, or BBS, which is what we call message boards today and I learned thru all of the people I had met that I could learn anything I needed there, and they were right.

Myspace – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Smart Phones – ETC.

Social media has evolved to a degree that we have an unlimited number of media to talk to other adults. Sex Chat is one of the most popular means to use these apps and programs. Some of you may have met your lover or better half on one of these programs, regardless of which one you found them on, the feelings are there and just the same. One of, or all, of the tools you have today has given you the tools to keep up with your long term relationships, tools that we didn’t have when we were learning to find love, or just sex.

We had to take the time and go and meet face to face, or by landlines, what is that, right? Take a long distance relationship – this is so much more successful today. You can live on opposite ends of the globe but see and talk to each other more than some of us married for many years. Use those tools – use the system, sexting, sending sexy or nude pics, flirting messages.

No matter what you found or at what time of the century that you found it in, no matter what your walk of life, yes even Christians, I have seen this too. You can’t honestly say that you haven’t tested the sex chat situation yet, because you know you have.

Sex Chat Today

Long distance relationships, meeting online, hooking up on social media, and on and on and on. Unlike old days, you have the whole world at your disposal to meet what may or may not be your soulmate, or just something as simple as someone to talk dirty to. You can share porn videos, both of you watching on opposite ends of the world, masturbate together. This list is almost unlimited for the tools you can use or the methods you use to have a sexual relationship without rubbing your bodies together – as much as some of us old folks may think it is impossible, it is very possible and most of the time far more erotic.

Everything has an “app for that” and the number of these such apps are built for the sex chat scene, so do the work, find the app and go for it. Or find yourself a horny housewife, if you don’t have anyone already, and help her get her rocks off to your text messages. I don’t need to tell you how this is done, you probably know more than I do.

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